Do you enjoy using Legos as an outlet for the creative architect inside you? How about The Legend of Zelda? Well, I’m willing to bet you enjoy the latter, at least, since you are here at Zelda Universe. A program named Lego Ideas helps to make people’s ideas for Lego sets become reality; and it looks like there is a Lego Zelda set that could make it to review.

Lego Tetra

Site user Flailx has created some nice renders of what the set might look like, and has chosen to use The Wind Waker as the game to draw creativity from. The set would include an island (with some ChuChus creeping on it), a pirate ship, the King of Red Lions, Toon Link, and now Tetra.

Lego Link

The idea is currently almost up to the 10,000 supporters needed to put the set up for review by the company. I’ve just supported this idea, since it fuses two of my favorite things: Lego and my favorite Zelda title thus far. If you would like to give your support, you can simply create a Lego ID and click the “support” button. It’s that simple!