In a Facebook post, Eiji Aonuma, of Zelda fame, made an announcement regarding the highly anticipated Zelda Wii U. It appears that the game will no longer be held to a 2015 release date.

In the video, which I recommend you watch, Mr. Aonuma states, “So, I must apologize to all you that were expecting the game by year’s end, but we are no longer making a 2015 release our number one priority.” This is sad news, as many Wii U owners were looking forward to the title this year, while many might’ve considered picking up a Wii U in order to play the latest Zelda title. However, taking more time to make the best possible game is still a good thing. Here’s to hoping for an earlier 2016 release date!

Update: It appears that not only has Zelda Wii U been pushed back to a later, unspecified, date, but that the game will not be making an appearance at E3 this year. This was revealed via the official Nintendo Twitter account, which you can see below.  

  • exxor9108

    I would guess that it’s a good thing that they’re pushing the release date into sometime next year. Gives them more than enough time to work on the game. I’m quite alright with that.

  • Nunya Bidness

    Good lord. It’s Twilight Princess all over again.

    By the time that game was released, I was sick of hearing about it. Changing release dates and conflicting info from Nintendo had me pretty annoyed.

    I didn’t actually end up buying it until 2011.

    Anyway, it’s probably going to end up so close to the release of the next console that sales will be lackluster. Maybe they’ll do another dual release?

  • GreenLinkMaster

    as far as I’m aware, the only thing Nintendo has ever told us was sometime in 2015, and that’s really it. they may have said possibly, or it may have be speculated, that it’d be early 2015, and or then late 2015, but Nintendo said “THIS IS when it WILL come out” no specific date has ever been given right? and now they’re not saying it will be in 2016, they’re only saying that they’re not rushing to make absolutely sure that it does come out in 2015. so it may, it may not. we don’t know. but this is just the first push back from a wide and vague release time frame to another.

    I apparently wasn’t aware of TP through the first couple years of apparently “will be released at x time” and “will now by released at y time” and then “will now be released at z time”.
    so they gave a much more specific time for when the game would be out, and then continued to push it back for a few years before finally releasing it right? so far I’m not seeing it like that with this game. we don’t even have an idea of how far the next gen consul has come yet. it might not be out for another 3 years for all we know. I doubt we’ll be waiting that long for this Zelda game. we just don’t know when it will be yet.

  • Klaiborne

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! What am i going to tell mother?

    Sigh Oh well…..nothing we can do about it. It better be worth the wait….

  • DarkLink1996

    One delay, so far. Every Zelda game has had at least one delay. Don’t compare it to TP yet, wait until at least the 3rd delay.

  • Vladislak

    Fine with me, I’m actually rather excited by the fact that their reason for delaying it was that they kept on coming up with new ideas.

    It should be pretty cool to see what they came up with. 🙂

  • Justin Valentin

    It is sad that we have to wait for that long for the game release but in the other hand they have a time to make a this the best game like make this best zelda title of all the zelda games so hopefully with in all my heart make a best Zelda game ever

  • cuando va a estar listo para que lo manden a mi país Chile que amo zelda es el mejor videojuego

  • Oscar

    I’m OK if nintendo release this year Metroid for Wii U.

  • DimensionalRanger

    I have to wait even longer, so salty… T_T

  • derp

    they said holiday 2015 last time they talked about it.

  • Michael Bowerman

    After thinking about it over the weekend, I think the push back makes sense. Next year is Zelda’s 30th anniversary, and Nintendo wouldn’t push a huge (Wii U) title like this back unless they had something to fill its shoes. Perhaps Metroid or a new single player Mario?…..

  • Thomas G

    “Buying Zelda Wii U is no longer a priority!”, I think they need time to mess with it more AKA: it sucks and/or is boring. The other option is they are going to hold it back to be a launch title for the next console.

  • Richard Rahl

    I called it when they announced the release year. Anyonne shoudl ahve known 2015 would never happen

  • osama


  • Ricky

    I’ll probably be dead by the time it gets released.

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