After receiving countless requests, the blacksmiths from Baltimore Knife & Sword have forged an authentic, battle ready Hylian Shield for their latest episode of Man at Arms: Reforged.

The Hylian Shield is expertly crafted out of sheet metal, then carefully painted by hand. In the center of the shield you’ll find the Triforce beautifully shaped out of amber. The iridescent quality of the resin gives it a nice shine that looks great on camera.

Of course, you can’t have a Hylian Shield without a Master Sword! They’ve crafted a long form Master Sword in the past, but it takes two hands to wield, and that won’t work if you’re also holding the Hylian Shield — unless you have an extra arm. So this time, they built the original Master Sword which can be used one-handed, alongside the Hylian Shield.

It looks like Link made the right choice of defense because this shield works! The team took it outside for a test run and it effortlessly smashes through pots, deflects projectiles and breaks arrows apart upon impact. It’s pretty incredible, and I totally want one! You can watch the entire process of forging these gorgeous Hylian weapons in the video below.