When the limited edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL went on pre-sale, retailers not only sold out within 15 minutes, they over sold. Fans who thought they were lucky enough to get their pre-orders in were terribly disappointed upon finding an order cancellation email in their inbox. Well, Nintendo and GameStop are giving fans a second chance. GameStop stores across the U.S. are getting a handful of systems, but they are only available today. Quantities are extremely limited — as in each store is getting a grand total of four units limited.


Hopefully this won’t be the last time the Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL becomes available in stores. If you managed to snag one, let us know!

  • Waited outside in the cold freezing rain to snag one today! By the time UPS arrived they already had 4 people in line waiting! So glad for this second chance! Many fans are angry about the last minute notice but I think that helped deter scalpers this time. I was in a line with 4 LOZ fans!

  • Shaun Cuglietta

    Waited outside an EB Games for over 4 hours this morning, getting there at 6:40am waiting for them to open at 10 (not to mentioned I worked till 12:15am clocking me in at a solid 3 hours sleep) to find out they sold out yesterday. Not happy

  • Rallen

    I showed up at GameStop an hour before they opened, third one in line. We didn’t even have a concrete answer as to if the store was getting any units. Luckily the UPS shipment rolled in fifteen minutes later. Four of us waiting in the store, our anxiety thru the roof. Imagine our joy when the rep walked out with four MM 3ds XLs in her arms.

  • DarkLink1996

    The disappointment when my area got none and I waited out there for an hour…

  • Thomas Anderse

    Let it be, Ltd. should be Ltd!

  • Walter Mcguill

    I was on the road calling every gamestop in my area till I got a solid yes and immediately drove to that location and was able to obtain the last one. So stoked! I immediately took it to the best buy store next door and got an. Invisible shielded screen protector installed on it by the geek squad. But I wasn’t done just yet I went and got a 64gb SD card to put into it. If anyone tells you that a 64gb SD card isn’t compatible with the new 3ds they don’t know what they’re talking about, there are tons of videos on youtube that show you how to format it and get it to work. The brand i used was SanDisk. In the end you have a beautifully crafted and upgraded piece of hardware. I hope nintendo makes more so that every true and devoted zelda/nintendo fan can get one. Fuck you scalpers out there suck my balls and floss your teeth with my pubic hairs, karma will get you!