As we reported last month, Tommy Tallarico and Video Games Live released a brand new arrangement of “Zelda’s Lullaby” on their latest album, Video Games Live: Level 4. The music video features the full song from the album and was shot in the California redwoods, which gives the video a very Zelda-esque feeling to it.

The video was shot with Jillian Aversa (the woman who does the vocals for the song) playing the part of Zelda, and there are many Zelda/Link moments that fans of the couple can appreciate. The arrangement was also put together by Jillian’s husband, Andrew Aversa.

The piece itself is a mixture of the main theme from Skyward Sword, “Ballad of the Goddess”, which is simply “Zelda’s Lullaby” played in reverse, and “Zelda’s Lullaby” proper, which includes lyrics for the very first time. The way the two pieces compare and contrast with one another is what makes this arrangement so wonderful, and the vocals are top notch.

To see more of the incredibly talented Jillian Aversa’s work (she also participated in additional songs on Video Games Live: Level 4), check out her YouTube account, Facebook page, and her official website.

You can also still purchase the Video Games Live: Level 4 album.  Buying it straight from Video Games Live is still the best overall deal, as you receive additional products to go along with the album, but you can also buy the album off of iTunes and Amazon as well.