Earlier this afternoon, much to my shock, I got an e-mail from Nintendo informing me about Women’s History Month.  It wasn’t so shocking that they were commemorating the month (although I didn’t quite know it was Women’s History Month), but it was shocking that they were featuring The Wind Waker’s very own Tetra as one of the poster children for their campaign!


She is accompanied by excellent company, with Toadette, Bayonetta, Rosalina, Samus, Bombette, and Lucina all receiving the same treatment. Along with the picture also came this description:

“In The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, Princess Zelda was actually a tough and spunky captain of a ragtag group of pirates. Tetra saves Link from Ganondorf’s clutches, and later helps Link defeat Ganondorf for good to save the world.”

“What are you laughing at, Ganondorf?! You’re insane!”

While Tetra does get captured as Zelda, she is by far the liveliest and one of the most interesting iterations of the Zelda character to date, and as Nintendo states, she did assist Link in defeating Ganondorf!

  • Darkstar

    “Tetra saves Link from Ganondorf’s clutches” There’s something new that we don’t see every game. I would like a lot more of that.

    • Actually it’s somewhat common that link gets saved every once in a while by his friends in the more cinematic games, in one way or another. Tetra and co in WW, Midna and The Resistance in TP, Zelda in ST, Hilda in ALBW (though it was with malicious intentions) and there’s probably a few more that doesn’t spring to mind. And that’s just counting direct saves and not “Link would never have succeeded without X” which is very common.

  • CEObrainz

    There’s a Women’s History Month? I guess you really do learn something new every day…..

    • Morgan

      I know, I was surprised too! I just wish the image was in higher quality; I had to make it larger for the article.

      • CEObrainz

        Well I tried looking around but came up with nothing, leave it to Nintendo to release images too small for anyone to actually look at properly…

  • Davad

    I didn’t know about woman’s History month and I am curious what they mean by her saving Link from Ganondorf’s clutches. But I like this move on Nintendo’s part.
    I am surprised to see bombette there, as she is minor compared to the other characters used.

    • Talmor

      The part where you go up to Ganondorf after retrieving the Master Sword from Hyrule Castle under the ocean, when you save Ayrll and the other girls.

      • Davad

        True, I thought of that as them both being nearly captured and Valoo saving them both with Komali and Quill. But It is true that if she didn’t show up, Ganondorf might have killed Link then and there.

  • Kasparius

    Yeah and there are already misguided articles about it:


    This article is completely flawed and misinformed.

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