Hyrule Warriors’ final piece of DLC, The Boss Pack, has finally arrived in North America. Released in Europe and Japan on February 26, The Boss Pack introduces two brand new gameplay modes: Ganon’s Fury and the Boss Challenge mode. In the Boss Challenge mode, players are bombarded with multiple bosses at once, amping up the difficulty for even the most experienced Hyrule Warriors players.  The reward for completing Boss Challenge missions? Costumes for Link, Zelda, and Lana.

Ganon Gameplay HW

The second mode introduced in The Boss Pack is Ganon’s Fury. In this mode, players will get to play as Ganon himself, reeking havoc on the land of Hyrule with his trademark Trident. The rewards in this mode will be alternate costumes for both Ganondorf and Cia.

The Hyrule Warriors Boss Pack costs $2.99 (USD) on the Nintendo eShop, or is free for those who bought the Hero of Hyrule Pack for $19.99, which includes all four Hyrule Warriors DLC packs.