A lot of events within the Zelda series are given small references and not really touched upon in detail. We’re given just enough information to expand the story and to keep the plot going. One of the more notable of these events is the Hyrulean Civil War which is touched upon in Ocarina of Time when first talking to the Great Deku Tree Sprout after completing the Forest Temple.

“Some time ago, before the King of Hyrule unified this country, there was a fierce war in our world. One day, to escape from the fires of the war, a Hylian mother and her baby boy entered this forbidden forest. The mother was gravely injured… Her only choice was to entrust the child to the Deku Tree, the guardian spirit of the forest. The Deku Tree could sense that this was a child of destiny, whose fate would affect the entire world, so he took him into the forest. After the mother passed away, the baby was raised as a Kokiri. And now, finally, the day of destiny has come!”

In Twilight Princess, a game that heavily references the events from Ocarina of Time, we are told about the Interloper War by Lanayru. Many fans theorize that the events Lanayru speaks of are just more details given to us about the war spoken of in Ocarina of Time, and and that the two stories coincide with each other perfectly. Macintyre Productions takes this a step further and digs even deeper into the lore of the Zelda franchise to discover even more connections between the two and puts together their own detailed theory of not only the Hyrulean Civil War, but the exodus of the Sheikah tribe as well.

One thing I love about the Zelda series is that most of the games are created as their own standalone title with their own story. At first they weren’t meant to connect, but this changed as time went on and Nintendo started taking feedback from the fans. This resulted in tons of fan theories, not only about the timeline as a whole, but about specific events in the games as well. We’re able to pull together tiny fragments of information from several different games to create a cohesive and easily understandable fan theory.

What are your thoughts on Macintyre’s theory? Do you like speculating about new theories or do you disregard them in general?