In collaboration with Player PianoThe Zelda Project has released a trailer for their upcoming fan short, The Final Battle. The Zelda Project team have spent the past two years working on the film and their effort certainly shows. The music is beautifully orchestrated and perfect for an epic adventure. Link, played by Wes Johnson, was perfectly cast. He looks just like a real-life Link should look — not too pretty, not too rugged, yet still incredibly handsome. Link’s costume and gear stay true to the character’s design, and the locations look like they came straight out of Ocarina of Time. The Final Battle is due out later this year along with a Zelda music video from Player Piano.

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  • StarkeyGamer

    This is so cool!

  • DimensionalRanger

    Fantastic, the only thing that seemed a bit off was that Navi’s voice was way too high-pitched, it’s not like fairies are made of helium or anything. Apart from that it looks promising.

    • Jo3yy

      I agree. The only peeve was her voice.

  • MischievousLittleImp

    Is that Ganon’s Tower on the background? Because if it is, it’s awesome!

  • Sara Nicholas

    It was all really super promising and great, (I mean, I’m even open to their casting of Link and I’m usually really fussy when it comes to real people playing him because I don’t think his appearance translates well into reality)… until the fairy. Yeech, I actually tensed my stomach I was cringing so much. I don’t think she should look humanoid, and her voice was really weird. Other than that though, looks promising. Music and direction are great too.

    • Jo3yy

      I love the actor choice too, but uhuu… Her voice and well her… it’s a shame it took the serious nature and crushed it :/

    • DimensionalRanger

      Hear, hear. People seem to forget that Zelda actually has a rather serious story, or maybe that’s just me:)

      • Cherushii Edwards

        I’m the same. I take Zelda more serious than any game I’ve played in my 15 years on this planet.

        • DimensionalRanger

          Same here.

  • Steven DePrivé

    Wow ……. 13 min of fan made movie and it looks already much better in every ways then the official movie … Nice work !!
    (Dragon Ball Z : light of hope)
    Keep up the nice work guys 😉