Stefan Lange of Radical Fish Games sat down recently with Siliconera to chat about his recent upcoming title, CrossCode. Lange mentioned two very interesting facts regarding the game: the Wii U is the console of choice, so to speak, and aspects of the game are specifically inspired by The Legend of Zelda series.

“We use pretty uncommon technology for our game: HTML5.”

When asked about the Wii U stretch goal on Indiegogo, Lange responded, “Oh, we actually thought about PS4/Xbox One too! The problem is that those systems do not support a way for us to port the game. We use pretty uncommon technology for our game: HTML5 … CrossCode was already tested on a Wii U and it worked pretty well. Of course we need to adapt some features as the framework is currently a bit slow but it still worked! So there’s the reason for choosing Wii U!”

In addition to the Nintendo console being a somewhat easy port, Lange also let on that the game draws inspiration from another Nintendo product. “Zelda has a very neat way of making puzzles that are challenging but almost never unfair … So for CrossCode we wanted to create that same kind of feel. You can solve puzzles without the game telling you exactly what do to. The gameplay and the mechanics are used to experiment until you find a solution.”

CrossCode Pic 1

The game is looking mighty fine, and you can actually try a demo out on the site, simply by using your browser. As of writing this article, the crowdfunding is about 23 percent complete, with 24 days remaining. Hopefully the title can get funded, which would lead to a closer release date!