Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a dungeon or wandering around the vast world of Hyrule and had something catch your eye? Do certain symbols or statues seem to stand out more than others? Well you’re not alone. In fact, a lot of symbolism within the Zelda series have had real world counterparts. One of which being the crescent moon and star from Ocarina of Time, which was changed because of its resemblance of an Islamic symbol. But what happens when specific dungeons are flooded with undeniable references to one specific culture. So much so that it becomes almost too overbearing to mark off as a simple coincidence?

Macintyre Productions on YouTube is known for posting high quality news and rumor roundups as well as detailed theory videos. In this particular video, he discusses his thoughts on the Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time. He covers a lot of ground in his video and squeezes every ounce of detail out that he can. From the significance of the boat that takes you to the last section of the dungeon, to smaller examples such as the eerie portraits and statues found all throughout the temple, and even the hidden meaning behind the Hover Boots and Lens of Truth.

He uses his background in history and his own speculation to draw his conclusion. His video is divided into three sections. First, he discusses Greek references found within the Shadow Temple. In section two, he goes on to talk about Hyrule’s backstory regarding the Shadow Temple. Finally, in section three he wraps up his theory by talking about the overall purpose of the Shadow Temple within the game.

The Shadow Temple from Ocarina of Time seems to be surrounded by mystery. It’s located only seconds away from Kakariko Village, but we still aren’t given too much information about it. Macintyre’s video puts together a single feasible theory that makes sense out of what little information is revealed about it. What are your thoughts on the Shadow Temple? Does this theory make sense to you?

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