YouTuber ScottFalco has come out with a touching animated trailer for Majora’s Mask just in time for the release of 3DS version of the title. The trailer takes some of the most heartfelt moments from the game and puts them in animated form, focusing on the habitants of Termina and the struggles they face in wake of the apocalypse. The trailer truly tugs at the heart strings, featuring “Time’s End” from the Majora’s Mask Remix album as well as “Last Day Remix” by Clouddrifter. It shows us why Majora’s Mask is such a beloved entry in the Zelda franchise, and that is because of the relationships between the characters.

There is a special cinematic quality to the trailer and it makes me wonder if I would prefer an animated series of The Legend of Zelda as opposed to the rumored live-action television series purportedly being put together by Netflix.

Regardless, this is a beautiful tribute to one of the greatest games of all time. Enjoy!

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  • CEObrainz

    This reminds me of a Zelda series that used to be on Newgrounds, although I can’t remember the name of it. This was very nice though, would love to see another one with a darker art-style as well.

  • Davad

    I loved it. This is a great video. When you play the song of time, do they still have to live out their deaths? This video makes me wonder…

    Though i do have one other question.

    What does he mean by you can’t save everyone?
    You can beat the game! That saves everyone that isn’t already dead, right?

  • Rhyde

    What a genius! be proud of yourself for such amazing work!

  • John

    fantastic video. very well output. But Davad, one thing is that in the game the zoran guitarist that you have to pull out of the ocean does die to give you the Zora Mask. So someone does die in the game.

    • Davad

      true but beyond that you it is not like you make a choice between saving this person or this person. He is the only one that dies if you beat Majora and don’t kill that one thief Sakon.

  • SexyLittleImp

    This is amazing! Very deep and touching! Great work!

  • DimensionalRanger

    Wow, this is spectacular…