Winter is here, and with many areas across the United States seeing snow, it is only fitting that this week’s Music Monday focuses on Snowpeak! Introduced in Twilight Princess, Snowpeak is an area which Link must traverse in order to reach Snowpeak Ruins and obtain one of the fragments of the Mirror of Twilight. It is not an easy journey, as Snowpeak is filled with blizzard-like conditions and ravaged with monsters. The music that plays at Snowpeak is a beautiful arrangement of the Hyrule Field theme, only slowed down. Filled with ambience and a light choir in the background, this piece is both reflective and somewhat tragic, yet at the same time beautiful.

It causes me to reflect on the melancholy of winter and the shape of things to come, which is why “Snowpeak – The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess” is today’s choice for Music Monday.