Majora’s Mask is a tragic tale of a world that is destined for destruction. Within the timeframe before Termina’s fateful end, there are many individual, personal tales that are beautifully woven into the story; that is why Majora’s Mask has become such a phenomenon within the fandom and has inspired massive movements such as Operation Moonfall. The 3DS remake is being released this Friday, and that makes this as good a time as any for a Majora’s Mask-themed Music Monday!

Today’s choice for Music Monday is “Time’s End” from Theophany’s Time’s End: Majora’s Mask Remixed album. The song, which is original music inspired by the game, perfectly captures both the epic and dire quality of Majora’s Mask. Like all great video game music, it doesn’t tell the listener how to feel — it simply amplifies what the player is already feeling. It conveys the very grand, yet tragic nature of a world where everything has gone wrong. I could imagine myself playing the Final Day of Majora’s Mask to “Time’s End” and it would fit in perfectly. That is why today’s pick for Music Monday is “Time’s End”, by Theophany.