YouTuber Lamarr Wilson has posted a video of himself unboxing the limited edition Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL. Filled with shock and enthusiasm, he was utterly surprised that Nintendo sent him the Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL and the limited edition of Majora’s Mask 3D. He also unboxes the limited edition of Majora’s Mask 3D, which includes the Skull Kid figurine.

To start things off, Mr. Wilson was in awe of the glossy finish that was found on this gold, Zelda-themed New 3DS. It looks gorgeous. In the video you can also see some interesting changes from the original 3DS XL compared to the New 3DS XL. Games are now entered in the front of the system as opposed to the back. There is now only one “home” button on the bottom of the system as opposed to the three buttons that are found on the original 3DS. There are a few more cosmetic changes to the system that are glossed over, such as a new ZL and ZR buttons, as well as the fact that the New 3DS XL is slightly larger than the original system. The New 3DS also includes a C-Stick like the GameCube controller, which can be used in Super Smash Bros. to perform smash attacks and can be used in Majora’s Mask 3D to control the camera.

Wilson also compares the size of the Skull Kid figurine that comes with the limited edition of Majora’s Mask 3D to an amiibo, and the difference is quite startling. The Skull Kid figure literally towers over Lucario.

To check out the rest of the details in the video, as well as witness Lamarr’s excitement in receiving both the limited edition of Majora’s Mask 3D as well as the Majora’s Mask version of the New Nintendo 3DS, check out the video below! It’s like opening your favorite gift on Christmas morning!


  • MischievousLittleImp

    Well, it’s the third Special Edition 3DS I lose, already have one and don’t wanna change unless the new console gets something really new.

    • paranoialookout

      It has head tracking 3d, amiibo support and it is actually a more powerful system. It’s surface stuff, but it will change the experience.

      • MischievousLittleImp

        Yep, I know, I’ve researched about it, but that’s it, it’s someting that will enhance the gaming experience, but it isn’t really something new.
        I’ll tell the truth, I’ve just managed to obtain a 3DS last year, because it is way too expensive in the country I live in, or else I would have buyed it a long time ago. So I’m not in the mood to spend more money (at least not now) in something that won’t make such a big difference, even because my 3DS doesn’t even have one whole year of use… And I already spended a lot in the Wii U… very recently, BTW.

        • Satan

          Even if you did want it you wouldn’t be able to get it anyway.

          • SexyLittleImp

            I actually already want it… I’m just mad because I won’t be able to get it… XD

  • Gah! I can’t wait to get my MM Edition New 3DS XL and Skull Kid Figurine!

  • Gordon Sorensen

    My hype level… IT’S OVER 9,000,000,000!!!!!!!!!

    • Ryan Haney

      Congrats on leveling up. ;-D

  • Ryan Haney

    Nintendo sent him one!? Lucky duck!

  • SnowsilverKat

    Dear Nintendo: Please send me one too? Pretty please?

  • jAquaD

    So that’s why they cancelled preorders: to give it to random nobodys that never even heard of Zelda.

    • Andrei Ol

      you are “kinda” right here. See, at least he uses it, unlike many “nintendroids” that I know of, that preorder the console and sell it on ebay. It’s nice to see him actually using and having fun with it, and I’m happy for him. Because of scalpers, I had to pay a lot more for my A Link Between Worlds edition.

      • TheGirlIsZelda

        He’s not a fan, no need for him to be given one. I want a skull kid and I don’t get one, this as*hat does? Makes no sense

  • drnedaj

    does anyone know why he got a gift? Is he some big youtuber or something? He didnt even get that he got the special edition majoras mask.

    • TheGirlIsZelda

      He should have been given a red one, he’s not even a Zelda fan