The end credits of any Zelda game holds some of the most beautiful music in the entire series. A Link to the Past was my very first Zelda game, although I did not finish it until after I beat Ocarina of Time. When I finally beat A Link to the Past though, I felt absolutely captivated by the music — it nearly moved me to tears. Looking back on it, the end credits from A Link to the Past may be my favorite piece of music in the entire series. It’s incredibly reflective of one of the greatest video game adventures of all time. Even when I heard this piece played at the Symphony of the Goddesses concert, I was actually moved to tears — not only because of the childhood memories I have of playing A Link to the Past, but because the music is that powerful. And that is why today ZREO’sThe Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past – End Credits (Orchestra Version)” is today’s pick for Music Monday.

  • Ben Steigerwalt

    This is the kind music that skyward sword was missing and an open world to explore.

  • Ryan Haney

    A Link to the Past is really special. From the opening to the rain, to the mystery and the battle, all the way through the credits.

  • craZ

    Funny, I just got this game from Club Nintendo, and so far it’s been fantastic! Still trying to decide whether to get AoL, MM, or Paper Mario. I’ve already seen all of Paper Mario, gonna get MM3D, and heard AoL’s a drag so don’t know which to get. If you got suggestions please tell