The latest Nintendo Direct revealed a plan to bring several generations of games together each week for a ‘throwback sale.’ This week includes two Legend of Zelda titles, and NES Remix 2. The newest handheld release in the saga, A Link Between Worlds, is currently on sale for $10 off the original price, sitting nicely at $29.99. The first installment in the series, The Legend of Zelda is also available for purchase for $3.49, giving gamers a couple of nice Zelda titles to choose from. NES Remix 2, which isn’t a Zelda game, but rather, uses characters and levels from the series, is only $10.49 on Wii U, as well.

Zelda Sale

Nintendo’s sale started last night and will continue until January 29th at 8:59 AM PT. Several titles have already been added including, Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Wii’s Punch Out!! This is a great opportunity for gamers to get their hands on games both new and old that they never got to play, and all for a great price.