Reddit user zmilts has done something very unique, and pretty darn cool: He has recreated a 1989 Zelda board game in English. After acquiring the Hyrule fantasy board game, zmilts — along with two other Reddit users — set out to “localize” it.

The whole thing - Zelda Board Game

The game looks rather neat, with the main board game featuring the overworld in the original Legend of Zelda. Each player appears to get his or her own board to play on throughout the entirety of each game, building their deck with hearts, weapons, and various other add-ons.

Complete Player Board - Zelda Board Game

Kudos to zmilts, kaitenburger, and Cerbyn for sticking with this project for an entire year, as well as investing about $560 into making the game itself. I would be very interested to try it out and see what a Zelda-themed board from 1989 plays like. If you’re heading to MAGFest this weekend, you might be able to try it out, as zmilts will be bringing it to the convention.