This weekend, Nintendo is demoing Majora’s Mask 3D at PAX South in San Antonio, Texas. The demo has three different pre-set scenarios. In this first preview, I’ll be discussing the fight against Odolwa, the boss of Woodfall Temple. Some preview reports have noted that some of the bosses in Majora’s Mask 3D have had their appearance altered — they now have large eyes marking their weak points. However, after completing the demo, it has become clear that the changes to Odolwa are more than cosmetic; the strategy for the fight is completely different.

A brand new boss fight

The changes to the fight against Odolwa are so drastic that the original strategies are almost useless. In the original release of Majora’s Mask in 2000, Odolwa did not have a specific weak point. He was vulnerable to sword strikes anywhere on his body, and Deku Link could damage him by striking from below with the help of a Deku Flower (though the Deku Flower strategy is rarely an effective strategy). However, Odolwa has a large sword and shield; if you try to approach him, he will attack with the sword and knock you back. The most effective strategy is to stun him by firing arrows (which he will often block with the shield) and then strike at his feet with the sword.

In Majora’s Mask 3D, all of this has changed. You can no longer stun Odolwa by firing arrows and you can no longer hurt him by attacking his feet with the sword.

Instead, Odolwa has a single weak point: an eye on the back of his head.

You can defeat him by firing arrows at the eye on the back of his head, but it is difficult. Odolwa blocks the arrows much more than he did before. You can try to run around him to get a good shot, but he often moves to quickly. The only time you have a clear shot at the eye is when Odolwa begins to dance. When that happens, you can land one, maybe two, attacks before the eye is no longer exposed.


With some experimentation, I figured out a more effective strategy: the Deku Flowers. It appears that the game designers wanted to make the Deku Mask useful in the boss fight (similar to how the Goron Mask is used while fighting Goht and the Zora Mask is used while fighting Gyorg).

Additional Deku Flowers have been added around the room, and you can use them to attack Odolwa’s eye from above. While wearing the Deku Mask, you can drop Deku Nuts on Odolwa. A direct hit will stun him. While he is stunned, the eye is vulnerable to sword attacks.


In this regard, the fight has become very similar to the fight against Queen Gohma in Ocarina of Time. The changes to this fight can’t help but make me wonder what other changes may have been made to the other boss fights.

There is still much more to see in the Majora’s Mask 3D demo at PAX South, and we will be examining the changes noted in each throughout this weekend.

  • Deva Ashera

    Not a bad change, IMO.

  • Iván Pérez

    I just hope that the difficulty will still be there… I don’t know what to say about this, I just want that difficulty to be there ):

    • Arquimaes

      TBH it was quite an easy boss.

    • Danniel

      He was a crappy boss he was never difficult at all if anything these “eye weaknesses” are prob for the best because the bosses are easy to spam if u know how to trap them with a spin attack or in a wall

    • Drn Montemayor

      This is harder than the original ever was. It actually requires skill with form changes, and not just carefully timed jump attacks or quick spins that end the fight in 20-30 seconds.

      • Yosuke Kirie

        I haven’t seen any need for skill in this fight. I just saw Odolwa stay still while you slowly hover over him. This doesn’t look like it’s adding any difficulty to the fight whatsoever; just more time and repetition.

        • Drn Montemayor

          Still harder than the original. That’s the point. Also, yes, Odolwa 3D does suck. Especially since he has attacks to counter Deku Link in in the air, flowers, and ground. In fact, he has all of his original attacks plus one, and a modified version of one. The problem with those is that it is harder to trigger them, than to fight the boss.

    • Iván Pérez

      I know what you meant, but I’m talking about the difficulty of the game.

      Yeah maybe this fight will be more fun and strategic and well it’s the first boss. What I don’t want, is that they make the others easy :/ I’m seriously nervous about it.

  • MusubiKazesaru

    It’s probably for the better, he was a clunky boss.

  • Odolwa was always kinda vague, but really easy once you understood. This sounds really cool, now. I’m excited!

  • Tomas bell

    All the Bosses on Majora’s mask needs no strategies to kill them u_u I felt like the bosses were made with no love. I hope the remake fix that 🙂

    • Brad Wood

      yeah they were more skill based than strategic. Goht is still one of the coolest bosses ever though.

    • Luke Pearce

      I would say Goht is a well-designed boss. Maybe Twinmold too but the others could use some improvements yeah.

  • Drn Montemayor

    This is the first smart comment section about the new boss fights. You guys understand how simplistic,how terribly broken and easy the originals were. I like this comment section.

  • Talmor

    Well, this is reassuring.

    • Michael Savard Paquet

      see ^^

      • Talmor

        ^looks up^ ^reads comments^


  • OniRyo

    Now i’m rather curious if they did anything with Majora or if they just let him be a joke if you do use the Fierce Deity Mask(of course without it’s a whole different story).

    • Thomas Andersen

      Its not a whole different story without either.. its actually a very easy boss! I replayed Majoras Mask last year, and beat the final boss without using the Fierce Deity Mask, and still, he never hit me even once… 🙁

      • OniRyo

        I can tell for sure he wasn’t exactly easy without Fierce Deity Link the very first time i started the fight(but i was quite young in 2000 when i first played it) but of course when you get to know the bossfight it’s a whole different thing because you know how it goes, i’m sure he would still be a problem if i didn’t know what i would have to do. :p

        • Thomas Andersen

          I didnt know the boss fight last year, I hadnt played it for 14years, and didnt remember anything.. and I had no problems at all, he didnt hit me once, in any of the stages! So I found him extremely easy.. what to do is a bit to obvious, and defending against his attacks was way to easy..

          but of course, if one gets stuck not figuring out what to do, then he will probably be a bit harder..

          im not sure how many hearts he take away from you id he hits you, but if you got 20hears and several bottles with potions, there is no chance in H*** you would die.. but thats a genera problem with Zelda Bosses, they are not ballanced towards bottle usage, at all..

        • Thomas Andersen

          Your post was gone and I wrote this as a reply:

          Spot on!!:) I wish the Zelda Developers had the same way of thinking, cause thats the thing, in general, new zelda games dont take into consideration that we who have been with this series for many years.. we got so much experience and have practiced this game, in a sense, for 20years +/- and that should be considered when creating challanges! I havent died in a Zelda game for 15years now.. and im not really talking about MM or the Remake, but more the New Zelda for Wii U..

          I really wish they add a Hard Mode from the get go, in addiotion to the Normal Mode we have gotten as the Main Mode all these years! There are two very different types of Zelda Players out there today, and One Challange Level/Difficulty Level to fit both of us is impossible, the gap so to huge! And I really miss the days Zelda managed to challange me, 15+ years ago!:)

          • OniRyo

            Hah, the reason it got removed because Zelda Universe needs to approve my post for some reason, whatever that is. :p

            Seems the original idea was to put in Master Quest for Majora’s Mask 3D But eventually they did take it out because it would take too much time? Oh well!

    • Ryan Haynes

      Even cooler if you fight an extra, fourth form if you have the FD Mask.

  • Thomas Andersen

    Harder bosses are VERY welcomed!!:) Id like them to be 10x harder though! I want to practice them to be able to beat them! I dont think a boss should be beatable on the first attempt, but thats me!:)

    • Floyd

      He’s actually much, much easier now if you look at the videos people have posted. Almost all his attacks have been removed. It’s more difficult to hit him, but only because he just stands there hiding behind his shield instead of attacking.


      • Thomas Andersen

        No? They cant make things EVEN easier…?!?!?! Zelda is already so extremely easy! If this is the case, I think Aonuma and Miyamoto has lost their minds, and that the Zelda series should be handed over to someone else… that is, IF this is the case!

        Most Zelda Veterans wants the game to develope challange wise as well, but it seams they think we get dumber for each new instalment, making every new zelda = easy as the last one, or easier! But the thing is that when you practice something, and playing a game for years is in fact practice.. then you get better and more experienced, its strange they dont realize this… I just cant understand it, its nothing but unlogical!

        • Jay

          To be fair, they’re probably not thinking of the older gamers who grew up with the games. They’re thinking of the newer fans who are kids. Problem is like 80% of zelda’s fan base are those who grew up with the originals from the nes-64 eras(maybe even gamecube), who have all grown up now and played like every single zelda game.

          • Thomas Andersen

            Im one of those you describe, and they should be sure to cater to both new players and old players! A simple fix would be a difficulty setting from the get-go!

            Normal = What Zelda is and has allwasy been like

            Veteran = 10x harder(not 2x harder, since that would be extremely easy as well)

  • Luke Pearce

    Good change! I remember just wailing into him with my sword. Dead within like 30 seconds. Way too easy and no thought involved. This change is much better.

    I hope Majora is changed too. S/He was also pretty easy. Make it so that you have to use all three transformation masks on each form (maybe add a fourth phase for Fierce Deity Link too!).

  • Trubbish

    Interesting, I might buy it after all.

  • Dylan Teare-Mercure

    I’m loving the 140p picture quality. I can really make out which pixel is Odolwa.

  • Mike

    I agree with a lot of you guys, the bosses were effortlessly cool, but all 4 of them were just a case of hitting them wherever, not much thought or tactics were needed. Which is fine, of course, but not very Nintendo-like. These improvements are a damned good idea. Having said that, Goht was always my favourite Zelda boss – it was just… so… cool!

  • Merylas

    … I always used the Deku Flower strategy to defeat him. He always blocked arrows until I ran out, so it was kinda forced upon me.

  • Petter Falk

    How is this a good change?
    Zelda-fans have for years asked for something other than a boss with his eye as a weak point and now you are saying it is a good change?!
    I am sick of having the same strategy over and over again…
    Ugh… There was nothing wrong with him in the first place

    • Rob

      Considering he actually has some semblance of a strategy now, it at least sounds like a marked improvement. You’re judging by concept, not execution.

  • JediChicken

    The only thing I’m afraid of with these eyeballs, is that i don’t want every boss battle to be “shoot the eye with the bow and arrow” I know the thing with 3d Zelda’s boss battles are “stun the enemy, attack.” but I don’t want every boss battle to be the same.

  • Rob

    Sounds like at least a marked improvement over what never even really constituted as a boss by Zelda standards in the original MM. My problem with MM’s bosses is that none of them really did at all considering how one-note their ‘strategies’ were and how little they ever stepped up their game, Twinmold was the apex of that.

  • Sdudyoy

    As long as they make Gyorg less evil, I don’t mind, I hate that fight, it’s what made me quit Majora’s mask as a kid, the water temple in OOT has nothing on the one in Majora’s mask.

  • Z0LVIN

    I went to PAX South so I had a chance to try out the demo, to be honest, it really got me off guard the whole idea. It wasn’t that hard to figure out what you had to do, but it definitely made you think about what it and as someone who played the original it felt a bit refreshing.

    As the review says, it really makes you wonder what other changes they did to the other boss battles. I do wish he had change patterns at some point though, it felt a bit too easy after you sorted out what needed to be done, but then again, it IS the first boss fight.