Yesterday we posted exciting news that North America will be getting a special edition of Majora’s Mask 3D that includes a collectible Skull Kid figurine. A couple of versions were made available — the limited edition bundle, which includes the game and Skull Kid figurine for $49.99, and an ultimate limited edition, which includes the official Prima strategy guide as well for $84.98. Within hours of these bundles being online for pre-order, they were all sold out, snapped up by eager fans as well as scalpers. After initially selling out, GameStop released some additional stock but this sold out almost instantly as well.

Majora's Mask limited edition listings on eBay
Many copies appear to have been purchased by scalpers, as there are now several listings on eBay for the bundles starting from upwards of $100 USD. At this stage, there is no announcement as to whether or not any more bundles will be made available, but with demand this high we certainly hope there will be. It’s also unknown if this limited edition will be released in other regions. The UK will be getting a special edition of Majora’s Mask 3D that includes a steelbook game case, a double-sided poster, and special Majora’s Mask pin badge along with the game.

Nintendo announced that this current bundle will only be available at GameStop, Amazon, and Fry’s. GameStop is not taking in-store pre-orders, but is instead opting to do “web store” purchases. Consumers go into the store, pay for the full cost of the bundle up front, and have it shipped to their homes rather than putting the usual $5 down and picking it up in-store.

It is unknown how long this option will be available, so pre-order while you still can!

  • Hector Manuel Cardenas Lopez

    Well that escalated quickly, dayum

  • Stores should place a limit of one bundle per customer : I hate scalpers, ugh.

    • Anthony Moseley

      Agreed. It’s really not fair for the rest of us.

    • Trinosaur

      At that point though, people can try to mask their IP and use a different email account etc. to get multiple copies regardless. But I do agree that there should be a limit. Scalpers are big trash bag babies.

    • MinishDude

      On the bright side, Fry’s has a limit of one per household for the regular release of Majora’s Mask 3D, and they haven’t opened up pre-orders for the limited edition yet. So, there may be hope yet!

  • SnowsilverKat

    So frustrating. I really hope people don’t resort to buying the ones off eBay, as it only encourages scalping.

    So much for the fans who are on ‘only’ a reasonable budget…

    • occultfan

      Hear hear.

  • jksteiner1974

    Thank goodness I reserved on the day of the announcement. I went straight to GS when work got out, and even then the ltd edition which included the strategy guide was sold out. I did get the regular ltd edition though. I’m hoping that the hardcover strategy guide will be available for sale later on by itself.

  • Ty Bayn

    We can’t really get mad at any store or Nintendo. It is “Limited Edition”, so not every one can get it

    • doubleO7

      Even so, selling out within an hour, months before the game even hits shelves is a bit extreme. The biggest problem is scalpers though, I have seriously seen people bragging about how they snatched up 10, 25, or even 50 or more copies. It’s ridiculous.

      • Zelda fanatic

        Im pretty sure those ebay sellers are gamestop employees!! >:(

        • dan

          as a gamestop employee, you are being too harsh on just a sales associate, me including a couple other employees didnt have a chance to buy it

          • Zelda fanatic

            I posted that this has happened before to another commenter….they fired a bunch of manager a year ago because that was exactly what they were doing.

        • Erik Fredrickson

          Now that’s not fully fair. I know a lot of people, GameStop employees too, who were unable to get this. If anything, it was scalpers on SlickDeals. They were bragging how they managed to get so many copies of the deals.

          • Zelda fanatic

            Well I am basing that on the FACT that they fired a bunch of managers a year ago for doing just that!! I have never had any problems with getting the limited editions that bestbuy is allowed to sell….so….just saying….Also I put in my preorder a week before this was even offered so I should have automatically been upgraded to the limited bundle!

          • Merylas

            Oh yes, because a hand-full of people doing something over a year ago CLEARLY means that everyone associated with the company are actively doing it as well. >_>

            And I don’t know if they COULD automatically upgrade you. There’s a price difference between the two, so they’d be in-essence automatically bumping you to a more expensive product. Which, because this is the internet, would cause rage from most people on the basis of “I didn’t want to pay the higher price for the game! They shouldn’t have done it without asking me first!!!1!”

          • Zelda fanatic

            HAHAHA! the game doesn’t even come out for a year! you preorder without paying full price and pay the rest when you pick up…..duh

          • Merylas

            For a year? Amazon lists that because it’s a placeholder date. Nintendo said in the Direct in November that it’s coming in Spring 2015. Meaning we have anywhere from February to Early April when we can expect it.

            And unfortunately, common sense doesn’t really apply. While that would make sense, too many people would ignore anything that says they were upgraded then complain that they were charged the more expensive amount. THAT’S why no place would automatically upgrade anyone in this case.

          • Zelda fanatic

            Im hearing not til dec 2015 they changed the release date….if they upgraded me and then I didn’t want it they would just put me back to the regular game….sheesh….i wish it would come in the spring though i LOVE this game….

          • Merylas

            They specifically say in the Direct, at the four-minute mark, that it’s coming in the Spring. The only things saying December 2015 are the retailers who put that in by default when they don’t have a release date.

      • occultfan

        This will be used as a case-study in market history, video game history as well, or in general, to the humble and educated observer this will be met with a flooding of the market with an escalation of units to satisfy demand. In the meantime we figure out who the finger needs pointing at for doing this to the Zelda Fans, and two, to Zelda’s creators who are being disrespected intolerably, and thirdly, finally, this behavior is abombinable by any moral standards and this is some HEAVY PROOF RIGHT IN YOUR OWN EYES that we can do something about this to own our own place in this world and commerce at large – feel empowered through this, do something, don’t wait for your congressperson, do politely write them, but this pile of ‘???’s’ couch and table and desk lamp cannot should not and will not be tolerated. That is all.

  • Ima Badlady

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that couldn’t snag a pre order in time.

  • Ima Badlady

    Doesn’t this pretty much sum it up?

    • occultfan

      Pure brilliance.
      We all know whomever is responsible for denying you your copy of MM (which is the best Zelda title imho) deserves to live out the eternal three days as ‘???’.
      I hope to get my copy!
      I still have the l/e ‘motion card’ Nintendo sent out to fans when MM was originally released as a promo item – anyone out there remember that?
      You’ve met with a terrible fate, haven’t you… NO! WE WILL GET OUR COPIES!!!

  • mrxgonz

    apparently best buy has a listing… “coming soon”…

  • Merylas

    My gods this is disgusting to look at. I can understand if you bought it and then a bit later didn’t want it anymore, but to do THIS before we even have a release date for this stuff… it appalls me….

  • Dominic Hin

    Now if only there was an update/ announcement for when the [UK] special edition will be available for purchase in Australia…

  • Guest

    This is why I hate eBay

  • Doug1916

    No one buy these, they didn’t want them in the first place so let them keep and maybe next time they will think twice about it

  • Peter Subramanian

    I don’t understand why Nintendo manipulates demand like this… 🙁 There’s already so much demand for things like this (also, Amiibos). They did this with the Wii and now it feels like they do it with everything!!! People want this stuff. Make it available!! You will make money! D:

  • Ima Badlady


  • Ima Badlady


  • Ima Badlady

    I want to make a petition, but y’know those things are just pacifiers. I’m just going to cut off my nose to spite my face and boycott all Nintendo items until we get a fair shake at getting this.

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