One of the most enthralling components of The Legend of Zelda saga would be its music composition. Those who have followed the games since the beginning could probably decipher some of more prominent songs from the first couple of notes. With the exciting announcement of Majora’s Mask for the Nintendo 3DS, speculation arose about what adjustments would be made to one of the staples of the series.

GameSpot recently sat down with Nintendo composer Koji Kondo and discussed the upcoming game’s look and sound. Kondo stated, “Actually, with Majora, we thought it was really important to protect the feeling of the game because the music was tied so well to the original gameplay. We’ve done some clean up on the audio quality, but the music itself we haven’t changed.”

This will probably come as a relief to those are looking for Majora’s Mask to be a straightforward port to the handheld system. Koji also revealed that although he doesn’t have direct involvement in the newest Legend of Zelda game, he will be supervising the production. More details on the interview can be found here.


  • Noon


  • Dr Doak

    MM has one of the greatest soundtracks in videogame history. But… he’s a production supervisor yet isn’t directly involved? What does that mean??

  • 17Haru17 .

    Cool, I’m stoked the audio is getting upgraded in some way. I hope someone posts a rip of it on youtube for listening purposes.

  • CEObrainz

    So the soundtrack is still going to be MIDI? It’s probably better that ways as an orchestrated soundtrack wouldn’t have the same feel imo…

  • antoton

    I do hope they’re gonna touch up some tracks though. Like the horrible MIDI sounds of the ‘alien invasion’ and the Great Bay Temple theme.
    What i have on my wishlist but probably won’t see: changes in multiple tracks depending on what day it is, but in a minor way compared to Clocktown