Koji Kondo is well known for being the musical composer behind The Legend of Zelda series as well as many other Nintendo franchises. He was recently featured on Nintendo Minute, where he discussed his contribution to Mario Maker as well as the original Super Mario Bros. In this video he discusses the progress and challenges of creating the catchy music and sound effects we’ve had stuck in our heads for years.

Polygon was also able to hold an interview with Koji Kondo where they asked him what his favorite version of The Legend of Zelda’s main theme was. His answer was simple: the overworld theme found in Ocarina of Time.

“That’s a tough question,” he responded. “Looking back, I think the version that we used in Ocarina of Time. …this is the overworld theme that we’re talking about here.”

“For Ocarina, we wanted something that didn’t play so often that players got tired of listening to it. So I broke it into 8-bar sections and there was some random phrasing that was implemented so that the melody would be changed up. Again, these are 8-bar sections that I created to all work together, but when combined, they change, and there’s some random stuff going on there. I really like the way that worked out.”

Koji Kondo has created many beautiful pieces for the Zelda franchise. Some of my personal favorites are the Temple of Time and Gerudo Valley themes, as well as the “Song of Healing”, which Kondo just so happened to perform on stage with Imagine Dragons during The Game Awards.