Hyrule has seen many incarnations throughout Zelda’s 28 year history. Whether it be the barren wasteland portrayed in the original Legend of Zelda or the vast overworld seen in Twilight Princess, Hyrule Field has always played an integral part in the Zelda franchise. In the wake of seeing the massive size of Hyrule Field in Zelda U, we’d like to take a moment and celebrate the special role that Hyrule Field has played in the Zelda series for today’s Music Monday.

One of my fondest memories of playing Zelda is actually when I reached Hyrule Field for the very first time in Ocarina of Time. It was Christmas day in 1998, and I was in awe of its size and and scope, along with all the little secrets that it held. As Hyrule Field varies from game to game, so too does the music that accompanies it.

My favorite iteration of the Hyrule Field theme is the rendition that is played in Twilight Princess. The largest open area to appear in a Zelda game yet, it’s filled with secrets and gives the player the opportunity to explore for hours on end. The music that plays along side it fits perfectly. When I first got the game when it was released, I would spend hours riding around Hyrule on Epona, fighting every enemy in sight. If that wasn’t enough, I would even do a bit of target practice, shooting my Bow and Arrow at enemies far off in the distance. It was so much fun, and the music was a huge part of why the experience was so enjoyable.

The Hyrule Field theme song in Twilight Princess is the best in the series to date, giving a unique twist on the original Legend of Zelda theme song that has yet to be surpassed in subsequent games. That is why today, my pick for Music Monday is “Hyrule Field” from ZREO’s Twilight Symphony.