The Legend of Zelda UK’s Facebook page recently added more Majora’s Mask 3D character artwork to their already impressive lineup. We’ve already had glimpses of Skullkid and the Happy Mask Salesman, as well as the Bomber Gang, Mayor Dotour of Clock Town, and the beloved Anju. Now we are now being treated to even more beautiful pieces of art that depict some of the most memorable characters in the game.

The first image portrays the mysterious hand, lovingly dubbed “???”, that resides in the Stockpot Inn’s restroom. Although part of a very brief sidequest for a Piece of Heart, this character spooked many of us as children and sparked a long-running gag throughout the Zelda series. The image is overlayed with the quote “Pa-pa-pa-paper, please!”, which refers to ???’s need for paper to complete the aforementioned sidequest. There are probably many of us who ruined Anju and Kafei’s reunion simply to give this character some much needed relief.


The next image is a great homage to yet another reoccurring character in the Zelda franchise: the Postman. He even has a cameo in Hyrule Warriors as an alternate costume for Link. The Postman’s busy-body character is alluded to in this piece by using the quote, “Th-this is a priority mail seal! This is the highest of priorities. I shall deliver it!”. The excerpt is, of course, a reference to the part of the Anju and Kafei sidequest in which you can decide to have the Postman deliver Kafei’s letter to his mother instead of delivering it yourself in order to receive a mask.


The final image depicts the leader of the Gorman Troupe. Once we are able to crack his gruff exterior, Gorman discloses his background and personal crisis with the words “I left the ranch, came to know the world of show business… Traveled around… But for what? …For Nothing!!!”. These words appropriately appear next to Gorman’s updated character design and gives us a clear snapshot of his character and story. 


For every image that Nintendo releases for Majora’s Mask 3D, the more excited we here at Zelda Universe become! Its release in spring 2015 can’t come soon enough.