Kim Kev have brought a number of gorgeous musical covers from the Zelda series to life over the last year, as well as some works from other games series’, with the goal of wanting to spread the joy of video game music to the world. When it comes to Zelda, Kim Kev have never disappointed. Whether it be “Midna’s Lament“, “Sheik’s Theme“, the various Ocarina pieces from Ocarina of Time, or the “Fairy Fountain Theme“, Kim Kev never fails to deliver a unique take on the music found in the Zelda universe.

In their latest piece, Kim Kev deviate from the well-known to the relatively unknown, showcasing a piece, “Ordon Village”, that is only found in one Zelda game: Twilight Princess. Though a simple enough melody, “Ordon Village” sets the tone (albeit lightly) for what is arguably Link’s darkest adventure yet, which occurs in Twilight Princess. With Kim’s incredible skill with the violin and Kevin’s superb piano skills (he is also responsible for writing the musical arrangements), these two are sure to have a bright future ahead of them!

As Kim Kev’s arrangements are phenomenal, and the musical performance all but takes my breath away, it leaves me filled with so much excitement because I can’t wait to see what they will bring us next!