The Legend of Zelda UK’s Facebook page has unveiled three more pieces of official artwork for Majora’s Mask 3D, in addition to the two other pieces they have already revealed. The first piece of art depicts the Bomber Gang from Majora’s Mask, who become instrumental in Link’s adventure by way of the Bombers’ Notebook with the tagline, “The Bomber’s Secret Society of Justice forever!”


The second image displays Kafei and Anju, two characters whose tragic love is doomed in the apocalyptic land of Termina. The sidequest which reunites these two lovers is one of the most memorable moments in Majora’s Mask, and possibly one of the most emotional moments in the entire Zelda series. With the touching phrase “We shall see the morning…together”, this image reminds us not only of the Kafei and Anju relationship, but of so many of the lives that Link touches during the course of his adventure in Majora’s Mask.


The final piece of art depicts Mayor Dotour of Clock Town, Kafei’s father. Along with this image comes the statement, “Let’s not bring my wife into this”, referring to his somewhat contemptuous relationship with his spouse concerning the decision on whether or not to cancel the Carnival of Time. The carnival is scheduled to take place after the final day of Link’s adventure, just as the Moon is set to come crashing down on the land of Termina.


With these images brings even more hype for the much anticipated Majora’s Mask 3D, which is set to be released in the spring of 2015.

  • Dustin Kyle Berezowski

    The bombers look pretty badass now!

    • Why “now”? That’s the same artwork from before :p

      • Dustin Kyle Berezowski

        I meant based on the game from the N64- they never seemed as dark as that picture displays them.

        • Nnt

          Dude, they are literally the same as before.

  • Essie

    Anju and Kafei… </3 So beautiful!

  • SphericalCrusher

    I. Can’t. Wait!!!!

  • veeronic

    it’s the same

  • Those are not new artworks, they’re the old ones with added. Click-bait title much? That said, I still like MM’s old artworks. They have a charm to it.

    • Reece Heather

      The character art isn’t new, yeah, but technically this artwork is. Also, just to be clear, “clickbait” would imply we as voluntary reporters have something to gain from artificial website hits. We don’t.

      • Technically, but when you say “artwork”, the first thing people would think it the actual character art. Also, I apologize, that remark was mean. I’m just tired of some websites doing it and my first reaction was to think this was it too.

        • Reece Heather

          Fair enough; sorry for any disappoint caused. We’ll take that into consideration next time! 🙂

  • These are all old pieces of art simply re-purposed for new promotion.

  • Man I remember getting my hands on Majoras Mask again back in 2004.. I was very depressed and abused back then, so I related well to this game. I just hope the new generation wont be as sad as I was.

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