Do we even need to mention the unadulterated excitement that is surrounding the impending release of Majora’s Mask 3D? Of course not! That being said, many of us are wondering what the differences between the beloved N64 version and the 3DS remake will be. We already know that the artwork is stunning, but what does this mean for the actual game?

Nintendo World Report compiled a side-by-side video comparison of the Majora’s Mask 3D teaser trailer and the original N64 game that shows off the graphical improvements that the 3DS version will offer. The video offers fans a glimpse into Link’s new-and-improved adventure in the world of Termina, and what this may mean for both new and veteran fans of the game.

Of course, this brief comparison cannot do true justice to the 3D experience that the new game will offer come Spring 2015. It is clear, however, that the improvements to the game are not just graphic in nature. In fact, we already know that Eiji Aonuma has said that this remake will be more “user-friendly”, thus some of the game’s original challenges will be “easier to understand”. How this will translate into gameplay is yet to be confirmed.

One thing’s for certain: I’m pretty sure we’ve all thought about how we can play the “Song of Double Time” so that we can get our hands on Majora’s Mask 3D even sooner.

  • Andrew DeCaire

    Looks good :3 Nintendo seems outright proud of the Moon redesign, as they kept showing it, over and over.

    • Katie Towne

      Very good point! What are your thoughts on the Moon redesign?

      • Andrew DeCaire

        Personally, I think it looks awesome 😀 (Albeit in a disturbing way)

        • Katie Towne

          I agree. I totally see where people are getting the “derp” idea from but if it still creeps me out, we’re all good.

      • Nafanicus

        I prefer the old moon. I get appealing to younger audiences, perhaps, with the less creepy version, but overall the original moon looked a lot more eery to me.

  • Nny

    I’m not to fond of the elegy of emptiness statue’s redesign, I liked N64 look of it, it has sort of like a creepy kind of look but this new look I’m not to sure.

    • Ryan Haynes

      It looks almost exactly the same…

      • Katie Towne

        I was kind of thinking the same thing myself BUT the clip was so brief that it was hard for me to actually tell. It seems to be slightly more refined but still the same overall.

      • Ryan Haney

        Yeah, it’s just a more detailed version of the same statue.

  • Nny

    Oh and btw, wouldn’t it be awesome if they left the fourth day glitch in? Obviously they wouldn’t but hey at least they won’t put a BEN DROWNED easter egg in the game lol, or would they?..

  • Miguel Arturo Palomares

    Plays inverted song of time, trollface, flies away

    • Katie Towne

      Don’t you even dare.

    • Nafanicus

      You are the worst type of person.

      • Phazite

        Don’t worry! I’ll play the Song of Double Time!

  • Ryan Haney

    I love all the new details.

  • OutdoorNatureTech

    Am I the only one that likes the N64 graphics better? The updated/higher-resolution models in the 3DS are nice, but I hate the lighting/palette/color changes.

    …and the moon looks far less intimidating…

    • Talmor

      Yeah, it’s brighter that it should be, given the dark tone of the game. Lots of shadows suit better.

      I’m kind of delighted to see that the moon looks even more creepy than ever though.

  • Richard Rahl

    Am I the only one finding it weird that they enlarges Majora’s eyes?