Nintendo’s incoming NFC toy range Amiibo is the talk of the town lately, as we fast approach of its launch and after we recently saw the “third wave” that will release next year. People are starting to get hand-on with the first batch releasing November 28, which means we have quite a lot of information coming in from different sources.

The first noteworthy detail may be a disappointing one for hardcore collectors. Unfortunately, as GameXplain demonstrates, you can’t scan an Amiibo toy through the box, meaning you will still have to tear it out of that nice packaging if you actually want to use it.

This is due to a small strip of aluminium placed at the bottom of the figure in the box. It makes sense; otherwise, it could be very easy for someone to take their New 3DS into a store and and scan every Amiibo toy available. Not only would that deter from buying the figures, it would leave someone else’s data on what is thought to be a brand new product.

In the same video, André also explains that the Amiibo doesn’t need to “touch” the Wii U GamePad to be recognised; you can hold it “about an inch” above the controller.

Speaking of packaging, we have a close and detailed look at all of the boxes for the third wave of Amiibo thanks to Imgur user NintenDaan. Feast your eyes on Toon Link and Sheik in the gallery below!

While collectors may feel restricted, those who travel or have consoles of different regions need not be. According to IGN Associate Editor Jose Otero on Twitter, Amiibo figures are not region locked.

The next little tidbit comes from Nintendo themselves, who have confirmed that Amiibo toys can only hold information for one game at a time. The official Japanese Amiibo page states, “Amiibo can only store data for one read/write compatible game at a time. If you wish to use the data from other read/write compatible software, please erase the data in the ‘Amiibo settings’ section of the Wii U settings menu.”

However, an Amiibo that already has data stored on it can still be used for “read-only” games. As CVG puts it, “a Captain Falcon Amiibo with Smash Bros. data stored on it can still be used to unlock a Captain Falcon suit in Mario Kart 8, since it does not require data to be stored on the figure.”

Another great video from GameXplain goes over a number of fan-submitted questions about Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, some of which are Amiibo-related.

Here are some interesting tidbits from the video:

  • Amiibo level up “pretty quick”, it took André “about an hour or hour-and-a-half” to reach level 27. The level cap is 50.
  • You can transfer characters from the 3DS version to the Wii U version, but you can’t transfer specific customised moves.
  • You can not use Amiibo for Classic mode, All-Star mode or Event Matches.
  • When training your Amiibo, you don’t have to use the same character as the Amiibo figure you are using.
  • Team Battle works with Amiibo.

You can now pre-order most of the third wave on Amazon, with the exception of Lucario, Meta Knight, and Rosalina who appear to be currently missing for whatever reason. The Shulk Amiibo is exclusive to GameStop.