Nintendo announced via Twitter which characters would be making an appearance in the third wave of Amiibos released.

In the group, Toon Link is shown alongside 11 other Amiibos, such as Mega Man, Sonic, and Shulk. Personally, I have been waiting for Toon Link since the announcement of Amiibos, as his art style and pose are a perfect fit with the Nintendo NFCs.

In addition to the announcement, they made sure to point to the official Amiibo commercial to promote the figurines on their YouTube channel.

Nintendo UK also gave more specific dates on release. Toon Link, Rosalina, Bowser, Lucario, Sheik, and Ike will be available in the UK January 23 2015, while the other five Amiibos will be released February 2 2015.

I know I’ll be getting Toon Link, Mega Man, and Sonic. Will you be picking up any of these Amiibos?