Majora’s Mask is a game that is very much character-based, eliciting emotions from the player by way of various side quests and touching music that graces the interactions players experience within the world of Termina. The Song of Healing is a piece that is beautiful yet tragic, epitomizing a world which is on the brink of destruction. As a 14 year old when the game came out, I constantly listened to the Song of Healing, as if to heal my own heart. It has a very special place in my memory and was a huge part of my childhood. Frequently used throughout the game to heal the souls of tormented individuals, it is my personal favorite among the numerous songs in Majora’s Mask, which is why Tom Lewis’sMajora’s Mask — Song of Healing Orchestral Suite” is my pick for today’s Music Monday.

  • Ryan Haney


    • Morgan

      for some reason it fits what I’m feeling perfectly right now, so, it was really the perfect choice.

  • Eduardo Aguirre

    I love this song *-*

  • comamor

    Sad music makes people happy when they’re sad because the tone or the artist seems sympathetic. Listening to happy music when your sad or angry makes you want to puch the artist or the wall because it sounds like there having a good time and they’re rubbing it in your face.