If you’re a UK resident and aged 18 or over, then the Nintendo Official UK Store have a very enticing competition right now for Zelda fans and collectors. The store’s new competition offers a huge assortment of Zelda merchandise to one lucky participant, in what they’re aptly calling the “Cool Stuff Bundle”. Brodacious.

All you have to do is head over to the Nintendo UK Store using the link above, answer the very simple question and submit your name and email address. You have until November 3 to enter — good luck, guys!

  • Mat Pandaz Taylor

    Can’t i just buy some of that merch? or is it purely for the competition :/

    • peltos

      you can buy these if you want. i already own that vest 😛

      • Nekolink

        Where ?

        • peltos

          bought it at a local shop. i think you can just look it up on google

  • Amanda

    At first glance I thought the stained glass wallet was a Vera Bradley and got really excited. That’s it, Vera Bradley needs a Zelda pattern!