Nintendo astonished us at E3 this year not only with their incredible software line-up, but the biggest surprise of the show: Amiibo. On top of their awesome NFC functionality, the Amiibo range looked to offer beautiful figurines that would look great on a shelf or in a cabinet.

Joystiq recently had the chance to get a close look at the toys, and while most of them still look top notch, a handful of them may slightly disappoint potential collectors hoping for quality display statues. Peach is lacking the detailed finesse on her dress, and Wii Fit Trainer is now given a plastic cast around her foot.

Unfortunately, it seems Link got hit hardest by the curse of mass production. While before we saw a classy, thin pole supporting our hero’s action stance, now we see an odd, distracting, chunky amber beam attached to his leg.


While it’s a little deceiving that retailers are still advertising the initial prototypes, the figures still look pretty when you consider the price and the technology built within them. Plus, again, it seems the rest of the line-up are looking amazing. The Fox McCloud figure, for instance, is brimming with detail.

It’s understandable that some details would get lost in the production process. I’m sure any small flaws in design will be swiftly forgotten when your high level Amiibo fighter is destroying opponents on the big screen.

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  • Quique

    just preorder fox and yoshi a few hours ago… holding off for Lucina, Falco and Jigglypuff. tbh that link’s face also looks odd, it is not the pole that bothers me….

  • Royal Conquest

    Why did they have to pick such a dumb stance for Link? :l

  • Merylas

    Really? People are complaining that they made it so these things wouldn’t break? Do you realize how easy it would be to accidentally break Link/Wii Fit Trainer/Fox if they didn’t have some thick support? In all honesty, though, I still don’t get why they had to use designs that didn’t plant them firmly to the stand like Villager, Mario, and Kirby are.

    • DekuMask

      I’m pretty sure they just wanted all the Smash bros Amiibo to have the same stance as the trophies in the new game.

      • Merylas

        Still… when it involves making characters that have to float above the stand, I would personally prefer a more stable stance than relying on a plastic rod of any thickness or color to hold him on.

        • Efe Muratal

          The problem is why is it yellow while it can be colorless.

          • DekuMask

            I can see why you wouldn’t like that… i guess it doesn’t bother me since it’s pretty much the same color as the Smash Bros logo on the stand.

        • DekuMask

          I agree, but lets just be happy they put one foot on the stand, if you look at the reveal Amiibo you can see he isn’t on the stand at all.

    • Ryan Haynes

      But why make it yellow?

  • DekuMask

    The only thing that is bad about the final Link Amiibo is the angle and lighting of the photo, other than that, it looks just as good.

  • Ethan Gardner

    I wonder how the Luigi Amiibo will be able to support itself.

  • Kalis Konig

    The lighting makes it look worse. The only problem with the Link Amiibo is the placement of the yellow plastic. it should be placed in a way to prop him upward like in the prototype rather then placed to make him lean slightly downward. The Marth and Peach amiibos are the only ones that are truly s*** imo.

  • It’s the lighting, camera angle and the quality of the camera. The figure itself looks almost the same. I wish sites would stop spreading the idea that the figures look worse.

  • Ryan Haynes

    Don’t forget Kirby with the slightly, yet still very noticeable, off center eye.

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