It appears that Nintendo has now trademarked “Hyrule” in three different regions, according to a discovery by NeoGAF user Rösti. Now, at first glance, it would appear that the trademark on the familiar name would be associated with the recent title, Hyrule Warriors. However, the Wii U spin-off has been out for about a month in the US and Europe already, and even longer in Japan. It seems somewhat unlikely that this trademark relates to an already released title, or a name change of the game.

So, what could this mean? Perhaps Nintendo is planning to do more spin-off titles in the same vein as Hyrule Warriors; the title may have sold well enough to warrant a sequel. On the other hand, perhaps the trademark indicates that Nintendo may want to branch out even further than Hyrule Warriors and create other games with the “Hyrule” name.

In any case, the trademark is fairly interesting, and we will have to wait and see what Nintendo has in store for Link and company.

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  • Chad

    lol you mean to tell me ninty is just now trademarking hyrule?

  • Kappa

    OR…they could finally be including “Hyrule” in the title of the next official Zelda game.

    • CrimsonFlareV

      unlikely. Most fans would be out raged by that if you where thinking they would take out the “zelda” name. I don’t care who would say “yeah, then I would love to buy a game that is not name after Zelda”. people who care about a game about a character name “Link” (btw you dont even have to name him Link) named after Zelda. I just think that if they want to expanded Hyrule into other game types then they would need to trademark it. they probably did the same thing with soul caliber.

      • CrimsonFlareV

        also i have a lot of grammar mistakes in that last comment as I am on my phone. Chances are I will forget to correct them. So forgive me ahead of time.

      • True Davad

        I think you jumped the gun on that one. No one said removing Zelda from the title. They just said putting Hyrule in it. And they didn’t specify the series title either. It could be in the individual game title like the Blank in “The Legend of Zelda: Blank”.

      • David

        Hyrule Warriors

      • Soeroah

        Legend of Zelda: Fall of Hyrule, as a random example, would include both the series title and the name of the kingdom.

        • Garnium

          Def Zelda: Fight for Hyrule

      • Kappa

        I think you miss my meaning. I was going for something along the lines of “The Legend of Zelda: _ _ _ Hyrule” or any other variation.

  • Miguel Arturo Palomares

    plase. explain all the zones in the map !!!

    • Day

      It’s drawn by Benjamin Walton who attempted to design his own vision of what URA Zelda would have looked like, the infamous “in between game” that would have better explained the split timeline, but instead came out as Master Quest. It holds all the usual Ocarina of Time locations (Hyrule Fields, Lonlon Ranch, Kakariko Village, ect ect) but what’s probably throwing you off is the almost Arbiter Grounds like shrine in the upper left hand corner. This is his personal addition, and one with a surprising lack of information as the project was canceled.

      • Miguel Arturo Palomares

        thank you, you just have brougth peace to my soul, actually really nice art!!

      • John C. Lee II

        and what of that water area to the right of lake hylia?? Fishing Hole??

        • True Davad

          Good point, probably another addition of his. I could be wrong though.

    • Esteban Santi
  • Royal Conquest

    There should not be Hyrule Warriors 2. I really am enjoying Hyrule Warriors but it has a ton of content as it is and I really see no way to sequel it.

    • Ryan Haynes

      the sequel could include more than just one timeline.

      • Royal Conquest

        Why does it need a sequel at all? It’s a spin off game. Team ninja isn’t just gonna start developing Zelda games now.

        • Ryan Haynes

          A lot of Warriors spin-offs have gotten sequels. And, while it is too soon for one, I think it was good enough to warrant one.

  • Ryan Haynes

    That Ura Zelda Project art bring back the feels.

  • Colton

    Was I the only one who thought “Zelda Theme Park!” …anyone?

  • John

    I bet you guys anything that sometime in the future they are gonna make a fighting game consisting of just LoZ characters, for example (street fighter LoZ style, or Mortal Kombat LoZ style)… I dont know just saying. What do you guys think?

    • Ryan Haynes

      Dissidia: The Legend of Zelda.