Here at Zelda Universe, we can’t get enough of the legendary Nintendo of America President, Reggie Fils-Aime. Only this year, we’ve seen him accept our ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, his robotic imposter Reggie Fils-A-Mech blasting away doubtful employees, and his loud excitement for pancakes.

It’s his array of timeless quotes during past E3 conferences, Nintendo Directs and interviews that remind us that Nintendo’s marketing strategies are in great hands. The best thing about Reggie is the way the big man acknowledges and embraces the crazy fandom around him, celebrating the constant memes and animated GIFs that spread across the internet. That’s why they call him “the Regginator”, after all.

Imagine our delight, then, upon discovering this small but significant homage to one of Reggie’s greatest lines in our current favourite multiplayer game, Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. Please note: Some players may consider this a spoiler, in which case stop here.

The game sets the player “Milestones” to achieve as they progress through the game, and one in particular asks fans to collect every type of custom outfit. As well as gaining a large wardrobe for your digital characters, you’ll also be shown this little easter egg (credit goes to Twitter user Mark Allister for the screenshot).


If you’re somehow unfamiliar with the reference, check out this clip of Reggie’s glorious entrance at Nintendo’s E3 press conference in 2007. Also, if you haven’t made a customised Mii based on Reggie yet, you’re playing the game completely wrong.

What’s that? You don’t even have Super Smash Bros. for 3DS yet? Take it away, Reggie.