Another day, another trailer for a playable villain in the upcoming “Master Quest” DLC for Hyrule Warriors. This time, Wizzro is highlighted in all his entertaining wickedness. Though we’ve seen some gameplay footage of the evil sorcerer, the recent trailer reveals a few unseen aspects behind how the villain plays.

The way that Wizzro moves seems very similar to how Midna handles; floating above ground while still feeling weighed down, making the character feel fluid, but not necessarily fast. Where Wizzro differs from Midna is in the nature of his attacks: his attacks seem to be ranged, straying from the usual physical attacks most of the cast in the game are prone to.

What’s really interesting about the trailer is one of Wizzro’s finishing combo moves. It appears that the sorcerer can call upon a giant Wallmaster; normally found in dungeons across various Zelda titles, where they threaten to drag Link back to the dungeon entrance.

Dungeon HandThese hands are always so annoying!

What is most entertaining about Wizzro is his laugh, which is such a dastardly, evil laugh. It truly is a villain’s cackle, and is enhanced while taking out legions of enemies with dark magic.

The first pack of the DLC for Hyrule Warriors will launch on October 16, so make sure to pick it up!