If you love sharing the Zelda fandom on your clothing, then you’re in for an exciting month! Zelda Universe, Tee Public and t-shirt designer Blair Campbell have teamed up for what we’re calling “Octoroktober”. Blair has set himself a challenge to design a Zelda shirt each day for the entire month of October.

We thought it’d be fun to get the community involved, so here’s your chance to submit ideas for designs that you’d love to see on a shirt. Head over to the forums to submit your ideas now! Best of all, if Blair chooses your idea and turns it into a design, you’ll get the shirt with that design on it for free (though please note that you won’t have any ownership of the design).

We’ll also be doing a bunch of giveaways, so stay tuned; plenty of free shirts will be given away over the next month! To see each design as they’re released, make sure you’re following Zelda Universe on social media, and we’ll also be doing weekly posts here on the home page too. You can find us on Facebook and on Twitter.

The first design is already released!

Hail Zelda

You can buy it now on Tee Public. I can’t wait to see the designs that come out of this!

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