Everyone knows that Prima Games are awesome at publishing detailed strategy guide books, and with a complex game like Hyrule Warriors, the official guide for the new Zelda spin-off could be very useful. After shelling out for the game itself, though, you may have already felt your wallet taking damage — as though it’s found itself on the unfortunate side of one of Link’s special attacks.

Thankfully, if you’re a UK resident and aged 13 or over, you may have a chance to win one of these strategy guides for free. The Legend of Zelda UK Facebook page is giving away five copies of the book, if you follow the simple rules below. Good luck!

The Facebook also gained over 200,000 likes this week, and thanked its loyal fanbase.

The Hyrule Warriors official Prima strategy guide is available now on Amazon UK, and will be available on Amazon US tomorrow (on the same date of the game’s US release).