There’s no question that Isaiah TriForce Johnson is a legend in his own right. Since the early 1980s, he’s been an avid fan of arcade, Sega, and of course, Nintendo games. Nintendo Life gives us a peek of Isaiah’s latest project in a brief introduction video. Entitled “Order of Time”this new YouTube series aims to take an alternative look at the Zelda timeline, envisioning it as one continuous stream rather than the multiple alternative timelines outlined in Hyrule Historia.

While alternative perspectives on the timeline have been circulating almost as long as the Zelda online fan community has existed, this project aims to include the fans as well, lending it a fresh take. No word has come through as to when Mr. Johnson plans on releasing the first part of his video series, but please keep checking this space for future updates.

The owner of Empire Arcadia (a well-known competitive gaming organization), Isaiah is renowned for his love of games as a media, wearing his Power Glove, and being one of the first in line multiple times when it’s time for a major console launch on American shores–he is also actually the first person in the world to have owned a Wii U! He knows Reggie Fils-Aimé on a personal basis and “TriForce” is also part of his legal first name, according to an older interview article on Nintendo Life, where Mr. Johnson discusses his early life and what impact gaming has had on him.

Do you have a favorite theory you hope Order of Time covers, or are you hoping to see an unexplored perspective?

Edit: We’ve very slightly altered a sentence above — regarding the “TriForce” part of Isaiah’s name — to correct a small error. “TriForce” is actually added onto his first name, as opposed to being his middle name. His full legal name is Isaiah-TriForce M. Johnson! [-Reece]

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