Travel back to the year 1987 and you’ll find 7-year-old avid gamer, Joe Granato. He loved spending his days fighting to save Hyrule or rescuing the Princess from the clutches of the evil King Koopa. Playing the NES inspired him to create his own game called Mystic Searches, complete with music, sound effects and storyline. The ambitious young gamer even wrote a letter to Nintendo of America, asking them to send him all the equipment needed to make this game happen. Being 7, he was of course rejected, and he cast the designs aside … for the time being.

concept art mystic searches

Twenty-five years later, he finds his old Mystic Searches artwork, and it hits him just how much of an impact the NES has had on his life. Those 8-bit games are what inspired him to write, make music, and program. He realizes his dream to design Mystic Searches never really left him, and now he has the tools and the team to make it happen, and he plans to have it ready November 2015, coinciding with the 30th anniversary of the NES.

mystic searches

This sparks a unique project: The New 8-bit Heroes. It’s actually three projects in one. The primary being developing Mystic Searches to be played as it was originally intended — by popping a cartridge into the NES. Granato and his team are also creating a documentary covering the process of making a new game for a 30-year-old system. For anyone interested in making their own NES game, The New 8-Bit Heroes will also include tutorials to help others on their journey.

new 8bit heroesDeveloping a new game is no easy task, and it’s certainly not cheap. Granato and his team just launched a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of gaining support for their project. In less than a day, they’ve already raised more than $5,000 with an ultimate goal of $36,000. The campaign runs through Oct. 17, 2014, giving them one year to have Mystic Searches ready for the 30th anniversary of the NES.

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  • Juan Alberto Castillo

    I was stripped of my Platinum membership, and I was upset that I also did not receive a code for Smash. Anyone willing to spare a code? I have a 3DS here in the US, and my e-mail is: [email protected]

    A code would really make my day.

    (You may have seen this post on the previous article, but I do apologize, as I do not mean to spam you guys.)

    • Ryan Haynes

      How did you manage that in the first place?

      • Ryan Haney

        You get it when you register games and systems on Club Nintendo, and do surveys. When they add up your points in June, if you have enough, you make gold or platinum, and get gifts from them.

        • Ryan Haynes

          Not what I meant. I meant, how did he manage to get stripped of Platinum?

          • Ryan Haney

            Yeah, I realized that after I hit post and tried to edit it away and it flashed that there was already a reply. I can’t imagine getting the status stripped.

          • Ryan Haynes

            I guess we wait for Juan to reply with the answer.

      • Juan Alberto Castillo

        I really have no idea dude. I can tell you though: I got my WiiU, and never registered some of my Nintendo stuff like my 3DS, so I did it all in one go after July. I pretty much made it to Platinum on an instant due to the consoles and stuff, and the list of games I had (totaled to over 600). But when I checked earlier this week, it showed that I was back to a regular member, and has to accumulate points once again to try and become at least an Elite member. I’m confused as to what happened honestly.

        • Saratje

          It’s probably best to mail them about it. It might be a mess up.

  • Ryan Haney

    Will Mystic Searches be on the eShop?