GameXplain has uploaded the opening cutscene from the English localization of Hyrule Warriors, and the game begins very much like other Zelda titles do — with one interesting catch. Please stop here if you want to avoid any and all spoilers.

Instead of Link waking up from an ominous nightmare, this time it is Princess Zelda who does so, with Impa at her bedside. Impa then goes on to talk about how they must find the reborn spirit of the Legendary Hero, looking at the ever-so-familiar green tunic. As Princess Zelda watches the knights of Hyrule in training, a certain swordsman catches her eye. Suddenly, a great evil appears and a new adventure in the Zelda saga begins.

If you want to see more, head over to our spoiler-free round-up of footage from the Japanese version of the game.

  • Andrew DeCaire

    I don’t know why I was expecting full voice acting ^^; looks cool so far. Also, with all the Nostalgic characters that had been announced. Am I the only one who hopes Onox, Veran and Vaati make an appearance?

    • Joey Sanchez

      Im pretty sure vaati was in that scene

      • Gordon Sorensen

        No, that wasn’t Vaati. That was one of the Original Character Villians made for the game.

        • Andrew DeCaire

          I recognized Zant but to be honest the other person (The red guy) looked familiar but I can’t recall who I thought he reminded me of. But to be fair, it’s likely a villain representing Koei (Not a character from the Dynasty/Samurai Warriors series, but an original character by Koei as opposed to the original Zelda characters) You know Nintendo has been doing this a lot. Pokemon/Nobunaga’s Ambition. Pokemon/Mystery Dungeon. Pokemon/Tekken. And now this.

          • Gordon Sorensen

            Ummm, Zant wasn’t in this video either…

          • Andrew DeCaire

            1:57 I thought that was him on the right, but got confused, it was the tall cloak. I forgot Zant doesn’t have a giant glowing eye.

          • Gordon Sorensen

            Yes, that is exactly right, although it’s not an eye, but a mouth. Check out the concept art for the game, you’ll see what I mean.

  • Zelda Fan Guy

    Even without the full voice acting (which I was also expecting), at least they have verbal noises now with the dialogue, it seems to add something to it that the older LoZ games didn’t have.

    • Uber Dewber

      They’ve always had that.

    • Link

      for a “zelda fan” you sure don’t know anything about the previous games.

    • Volter01

      It’s known for it’s non-voice acting. So why change now?

  • Ryan Bigk Kackley

    I felt disappointed that Link is obvious because he’s the only one without a helmet. I feel like the “seeing Link” could have been a cool reveal like he has a helmet on like everyone else (nothing special about him) and when he wins the spar he takes his helmet off and we see that it’s Link.

    • gaby14link

      I was thinking exactly the same thing. he standed out way too much, they could have done what you said or at least other soilers without helmets.

    • jonbarton19


    • eByTech

      Yes, that would’ve been more interesting.

    • Now I feel like they missed a grand opportunity… That would’ve made it a bit better.

  • Kevin Eisele

    I thought Zelda was supposed to be a queen in this game, so why does this cutscene still refer to her as a princess?

    • MJB

      Because you haven’t paid attention to any news about the game for the last couple months, that’s why.

  • Lancelot

    Gods, I can’t wait for this game.

  • MJB

    I can see her internal monologue in the dream at the start.

    “LOL PLAYING HARP IN THE MEADOW. SO FUNNY. TOTALLY A LAUGH FEST. But boy, also tiring, i really need to gasp for breath.”

  • finnlink14

    Thats freaking awesome!

  • I wish Zelda games where not always like new games every time… Like when it says in other games Link lived in Skyloft and another said he lived in the Korkiri forest. I wish they stayed with one storyline, but the games are still awesome!

  • jojo60387

    It’s gonna be good!
    I wonder why out of all the Zelda characters, Link is the only one who never speaks…

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