On September 26 at 8am, a limited edition Hyrule Warriors bundle pack goes on sale, and you can only get it at the Nintendo World Store in New York. The bundle includes a physical copy of the game and Link’s blue scarf. The scarf is included in special edition sets of the game in Europe and Japan, but this is the first instance of it being offered in the US.

Nintendo World will not be doing any pre-orders, so availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Quantities are limited, so it’s advised that anyone who wishes to purchase the bundle arrive at Nintendo World early. Let us know if you manage to snag one!


  • Nathan

    Am greatly disappointed with Nintendo for not releasing this in North America. Lucky for the few New Yorkers who can get one though.

    • Zachary

      Agreed, but my luck has run out. I can’t be there at 8 AM Friday… Why Nintendo why, Autumn and Winder are right around the corner, and I’d kill just to have this scarf for the proper time of year.

      Even if I cut school and dropped everything to go get one, I’d still miss out on it probably.

  • Curtis Mac D Parker

    How much?

  • cobsta

    This has been available for preorder for over a month now for EB Games Australia. I find it unusual that Australia secured this as a preorder option, but not the US. Disappointing for US citizens.

  • Andrew Green

    Oh.. how lame. I’m not going to drive 12 hours to find out they ran out of these things, better luck I’ll find it on eBay

  • Duston D. Scott

    That’s dumb. It makes no sense not to make it available nationwide. Instead we just get character skins for pre ordering. Maybe I need a new scarf for winter. You ever think about that Nintendo?!?!

  • Duncan Mac Iver

    If I start walking now I might be able to get there in time….

  • Chad

    Nintendo of America is awful about dealing with fans. Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of UK are great about it. Step up NOA you are SLACKING!

  • Ryan Haney

    I’ve already preordered mine at Best Buy, and it’s a 2 minute drive, not a 3 hr flight.

  • Edgar Gonzalez Serrano

    Ugh i wish they sold it in puertorico no fair…. well i think i migth try to find it on ebay

  • B. J. K.

    I will gladly trade my sealed collectors edition of skyward sword for one of these