Nintendo Life held an interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma and Yosuke Hayashi of Koei Tecmo, and toward the end, Aonuma and Hayashi were asked if they had any closing thoughts. Hayashi shared that although he felt that the bar for Hyrule Warriors was set high, he is pleased with the Japanese fans’ reactions to the game, and hopes it also does well in North America and Europe.

Aonuma responded with his closing thoughts, saying:

“Looking at the comments on Miiverse regarding Hyrule Warriors, it’s been great to see a lot of positive feedback. But one of the things that leaves me with rather complicated feelings is that people are saying, ‘Oh wow, I really love the cutscenes in this game! This is better than the stuff Nintendo does!’ Of course, that leaves me a little conflicted, and gives me a mission now to make sure that the new Zelda game that I’m working on can hold its own in that aspect against Hyrule Warriors!”

It’s great to see that Nintendo values the opinions of their fans. Based on Aonuma’s statement, we can expect Zelda Wii U’s cutscenes to be very different than anything we’ve ever seen in a Zelda game.

You can read the rest of the interview with Aonuma and Hayashi on Nintendo Life’s website.

  • Fernando Alvarenga

    This is really exiting I hope we get a great story for ZELDA U!

    • Thomas Andersen

      Of course a great story would be nice, but I really hope the new zelda is gameplay orientated and not story orientated! Meaning, I want the Game to come first.. then story second!

      • Chad

        I’ve always thought that the best games don’t have anything come second. Gameplay and storyline are about equal. MM is a good example. Great storyline told through the characters of the world instead of through cut scenes and the gameplay didn’t suffer that game was hard at certain points. There’s a reason why it’s one of my favorite games. I’ve always thought gameplay was a mixture of 3 things story, Game mechanics, and art/visual design. The more well balanced these things are the better the game.If one is out of whack you might find the users saying the game mechanics were fantastic but you know the story just wasn’t up to par. I myself have struggled through a storyline to play a really fun game with great mechanics. Same with the reverse. Any one can carry the game but having one great section while the others suffer is not ideal. Game mechanics should be planned for story which should be planned with art in mind. The reverse is also true. In a good game no part of the triangle suffers for another category and they altogether make up gameplay.

        • Thomas Andersen

          Of course, I agree! If they are able to, yes! But in SS they didnt deliver great gameplay imo, thats why I stated this!:) Majoras Mask got amazing gameplay and story/feel – even though the final boss(replayed MM last year) didnt hit me once during the final fight! Id say that is a gameplay-flaw! But yes, what you say overall makes very much sense!!:)

        • Anthony Moseley

          Agreed with this. If it’s one thing I’ve always disagreed with Miyamoto on, it’s his idea that gameplay should come first and story should come second. While gameplay is obviously very important, these days a good story is becoming just as, if not even more important. Personally, I’d say the two should come hand-in-hand as the most important for a developer.

        • Dampf

          I agree, in Zelda U they should do a nice mix between storytelling through gameplay experiences (like you described, Majora is perfect example) and storytelling through cutcenes. Some of the cutscenes would look great in CG, but most of them should be ingame.

  • Thomas Andersen

    The most important thing in a Zelda game is real challange! Please Aonuma, please give us 2Modes from the Get-go! Its unlogical to think that the 8yo new beginner and the 30yo experienced zelda player can share the exact same challange level! Please, give us a choice from the get go?!:)

    • Zelda Fan Guy

      We’re in a new age now though, even if it doesn’t have a Hardcore Gamemode right off the bat, we could probably expect one via DLC now instead, something that wasn’t possible pretty much before the Wii (Though hasn’t truly been utilized very much till the Wii U)

      • Thomas Andersen

        You think Zelda to WiiU will take adv. of DLC in this way? Im not sure this will be their approach, but yeah, still Id like to choose a harder mode from the get-go! I feel they cant justify giving One mode to share, challange wise, to both the new unexperienced zelda player & the veteran overly experienced zelda player! #unligocal

    • Anthony Moseley

      They really should do like a lot of other games are doing these days and have modes for Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulties.

      • Thomas Andersen

        Yes! But then the Hard Mode really needs to be hard, so that the modes dont turn into a gimick!

    • Scooby Dooby Doo

      “Its unlogical to think that the 8yo new beginner and the 30yo experienced zelda player can share the exact same challange level!”

      this comment is so amazing

  • Max Nichols

    Sounds like it might have just been an off-the-cuff comment, but it’s such a hugely misguided priority for the series that it shouldn’t have even been on his mind.

  • Evan Bounds

    With the large world, it would be interesting if the landscape is randomly generated hiding secrets in different places for different owners, like animal crossing’s land generation. It would make guides totally useless but who needs a guide? 😀