Dark Horse has released two exclusive Legend of Zelda figurines based on the Twilight Princess incarnations of Link and Ganondorf. While the Link figurine runs at 10 inches tall, while the Ganondorf figure is a just a little bit taller, measuring in at 12 inches tall. Both are sculpture-based, “meticulously detailed”, and have been approved by Nintendo of Japan for distribution in America exclusively by Dark Horse. While the Link figurine will take $79.99 out of your wallets, the Ganondorf figurine is much steeper in price, costing you $124.99.

Who knows how long these figurines will be available, so make sure to put your order in as soon as possible!



  • Ganondorf

    WAAAAAAAAAY overpriced. But cool.

    • Zachary

      Agreed, I thought, another good looking figurine, and a TP as well! *Sees pricetag* Oh well…

    • doubleO7

      This prices aren’t that unusual for most game/anime statues.

  • Ryan Haney

    Why are they so much more expensive than G.I. Joes or Ninja Turtles? I haven’t priced action figures since 1990, but I can’t imagine they are THAT much more, now than they were when a little begging directed at my mom could earn me a new toy.

    • Kaliospectre

      They seem more like statues than action figures and statues tend to be more pricey than action figures.

  • Dickie Richards

    These are not figures, they are painted porcelain statues. And reasonably priced, as well.

    • Noshpan

      Indeed. Porcelain dolls can be very expensive depending on the detail, quality and maker. When I was a kid, Breyer had a model horse of Secretariat that was made of porcelain. It was incredibly expensive so I never got it. So it stands to reason that a statuette of Link & Ganondorf would be a bit high in price.

    • Deva Ashera

      Porcelain? These things are essentially glass and easily breakable then?

      • Dickie Richards

        Correct. They are made to sit on a shelf and be admired.

  • Ryan

    The heads are too big. Also, they ripped off First4Figures Ganondorf. If you want Link, find the Figma

  • Shane Swor

    I’ve been steeped in the business side of the licensing/collectible industry for nearly a decade now. This price point is what is known as “attractive.” The specs these collectibles have are on par with that price. With the right fandom attraction (which is what the target market is), and only 1 month of obedient saving, these could be yours.

    When you break down the costs of the following, $80 seems reaaal cheap:
    Factory utilities for manufacturing (known as tooling)
    Factory worker compensation
    Factory executive compensation
    (Most factories in the asias have whats called an agent who represents the factory. This agent is in The form of another company who also must be paid)
    Freight and exporting and importing documentation
    Freight forwarding
    Resources for the ship or plane to get to america
    Licensing for product (contract)
    Negotiated profit TO Nintendo (what made them agree to provide licensing rights)
    Principle company profit to stay in business and pay all employee salaries
    Cost for the company to maintain corporate account with carrier to get item to you at a cheaper rate.
    Advertising and marketing
    Etc etc…

    And all you have to pay is $80! B)

  • Mandrag Yuga

    I want Link and Ganondorf figures. but why do they from TP!!!!!!!!!!!??? The one game where i hate Ganondorf’s design with a passion. I wish i could buy the Oot version…

  • Deva Ashera

    Link & Ganondorf look a little too off-model for my liking. Link looks too skinny and a bit too feminine while Ganondorf just looks odd around the neck area.


    No wonder Ganondorf is priced so high. The detail is incredible.

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