I used to think that the inclusion of Xenoblade characters in the next Smash Bros. titles would be just too good to become true, given the game’s obscurity in comparison to the other big Nintendo franchises. But once again in their recent winning streak of fan-pleasing surprises, Nintendo has made another amazing announcement: Xenoblade protagonist Shulk is officially playable in Super Smash Bros.!

As ever, the latest character reveal trailer is an exciting watch. Using the power of the Monado (that sleek red sword you see our latest challenger wielding), Shulk foresees an incoming assault from Link and Marth using a vision of the near future, giving him the upper hand.

In the gameplay footage that follows the cinematic, we see that this foresight ability can actually be used in combat. It looks it will act as a strong counter move, as well as the theme of his awesome Final Smash. Shulk’s Monado also gives him boosts to his boosts to his jumps and speed, as well as a shield and a various array of punishing melee attacks.

Gaur Plain, that beautiful green landscape from Xenoblade, is now a stage in both the Wii U and 3DS versions. It looks like it has a full day/night cycle, and has an incredible view of the Mechonis in the background.


Personally, I don’t know how much hype I can contain until Super Smash Bros. for 3DS‘ release next month. If you didn’t play the original Xenoblade — and you really should — you may be interested in the upcoming New 3DS port, which will be one of the first titles to utilise the full power of the new system. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go fire up the game’s sweet soundtrack in anticipation.

  • zigzagoon

    “look like we don’t have a choice”
    Poor nintendo..

  • Hatandboots

    hahaha i laughed when he was in his undies, why though?

    • Olympion

      You can have all you party members in their underwear, it’s the only thing they’ll be wearing if you remove all their equipment, and there’s also certain equipment that leave your characters scantily clad.

  • ElinuNoArcher

    So at the end we can hear the voice of “metal face” aka Mumkhar , what does that means? hes some kind of boss for adventure mode or wut.

    • Soeroah

      Spoilers :/

      • ElinuNoArcher

        But who have not played xenoblade chronicles by now?

        • Soeroah

          Wii sales are about 100 million and there are over a billion gamers in the world. Even assuming everyone with a Wii has already played the game, that’s less than 10% of gamers.

          It’s rather silly to assume everyone who wants to play a game will have done so within a year or two. I still haven’t played Final Fantasy 7, I don’t have a PS4 yet despite wanting to play one of the launch titles.

          It doesn’t take much effort to remain conscious of the idea that not everyone has seen the same things as you, and censor yourself accordingly. Quite honestly, I’m surprised you think everyone interested in the game has already played it.

          • ElinuNoArcher

            And tbh im surprised that u actually took the time to write that answer . Why cant u just take it easy, yes it was a spolier so what? Is done, not actually my fault that u havent play the game. The internet is full of spoliers anywhere u look at . so if u dont wanna read something by accident then i suggest u to dont use your pc anymore lol. At least no with internet. Plus the main topic here was about Smash Bros no Xenoblade

          • Soeroah

            I’ve already played it, I just think it’s far easier and kinder to avoid talking about spoilers until a reasonable time frame has past.

            I’m not even mad, I’m just trying to explain why it’s best not to give away details that could impact someone’s experience with the game in a public setting. “Metal Face” would have been more than enough, what was the point in giving his other name? The only people who would understand are people who have already played the game and thus don’t need the clarification, or people who have not and will now know what happens with the character. All around, it’s got no benefits to anyone, and a negative impact on one group. I’d call that a net loss.

            “Don’t use your PC” is an annoying piece of advice, too. If people learned to be mindful of others, the Internet would be much safer from spoilers and everyone could use it. Instead, the ‘option’ is to avoid using the Internet entirely and thus cut yourself out from the benefits of modern gaming, just on the off-chance you’ll run into unmarked spoilers that are of concern to you?

            That’s like avoiding TV for fear of an ad spoiling a show’s plot. It might work but you won’t find out about anything new you might want to watch.

          • Reece Heather

            Having played the game myself, I wouldn’t call Metal Face a “spoiler”. You actually see the character quite early in the game; after all, if it was intended to be a big reveal, then Nintendo wouldn’t have included the voice in the trailer. You have nothing to worry about! Go play Xenoblade and have a blast (and Final Fantasy VII, while you’re at it — both are fantastic games) 🙂

          • Soeroah

            I’ve already played it, enjoyed it. I wasn’t expecting much from the opening scene to wind up being too important, though, so Metal Face’s reveal…didn’t really take me by surprise, but it took me a fair while into the story before I started working things out.

    • Reece Heather

      I love that idea and hope you’re right! Or he at least makes some kind of appearance (perhaps in the stage’s background).

      The villains in Xenoblade are hilarious — you can’t go wrong with huge robots who speak with the accent of a London gangster.

  • Ryan Haney

    I saw a hatchback on highway 59, in Houston, tonight with a Smash Bros logo on the back window.

  • Olympion

    I’m so happy Shulk made it, Xenoblade is one the best games I have ever played and really needed some more love from Nintendo after they completely botched its NA localization.