To round off the Hyrule Warriors character trailers comes Ghirahim, the last character to be announced. But don’t dismiss him just yet. With deadly precision, Ghirahim will demand your attention.

Ghirahim is all about swords, himself being one, of course. While beginning the video with a creepy display of his eccentric personality, he soon summons his blade to slash up some Bokoblin hide. Ghirahim is able to stun those that challenge him with his own unique brand of magic, before cutting loose and dicing them into oblivion, all the while laughing maniacally. With another attack, announced by a menacing bow at the waist, Lord Ghirahim summons a storm of swords to blow into enemies, piercing them from all angles.

But Ghirahim is a demon, after all. When the going gets rough, the demon lord transforms via magic into his final form. This shadowy, crazed lunatic is on the hunt for pain, and he brings it. Blitzing left and right faster than the eye can follow and teleporting in an instant, this darker Ghirahim is the bane of any Bokoblin that gets too close. He can fire projectiles, toss aside several monsters, and slice apart those left behind.

While our Japanese friends can already take charge of Ghirahim with their copies of Hyrule Warriors, the rest of the world has to wait until late September. We might as well enjoy the trailer below while we wait, and if you missed it, Zant’s trailer is also available.