The entertainment industry was struck hard with the news of Robin Williams’ alleged suicide on August 11. Williams was known for so many memorable roles throughout the past few decades that shaped hundreds of childhood memories. Many with a love of video games joined the grieving. Williams’ daughter Zelda was named after the beloved princess of Hyrule and he was a known fan of the franchise, appearing in several commercials promoting the rerelease of Ocarina of Time for the 3DS.

Admirers of both Williams and the Legend of Zelda franchise took to petition website to ask Nintendo to eternally commemorate a man loved by many in something that was dear to his heart. The petition reads; “Dear Nintendo of America, please consider naming an NPC in the new Legend of Zelda game after Robin Williams. It was a series he loved, and it’s a small tribute to a great man.” The news of the fans’ request spread like wildfire over social media and as of today, it has over 100,000 signatures.

“It was a series he loved, and it’s a small tribute to a great man.”

Over the weekend, Nintendo finally responded via a spokesperson, stating “we appreciate the outpouring of support from the gaming community, and hear the request of fans to honor him in a future game. We will not be discussing what might be possible for future games during this difficult time, but we will hold our memories of Robin close.” Nintendo also extended its thoughts and well wishes to Zelda, who had worked with the company several times in various promotions and the rest of the Williams family.

Nintendo is set to extend its Legend of Zelda franchise with a new flagship title exclusive to the Wii U in the upcoming year, as well as the highly anticipated Hyrule Warriors, set to be released September 26. Whether Robin Williams will be included in the development for the Wii U title is unknown, but it would be a kind and grand gesture for someone who was adored by many and left us all too soon.

  • Temis

    I think they handled it about the best the could. If they said yes they’d be giving in to the louder fans, but if they said no they would look heartless. I think “no promises” is the best thing they can do, so if nothing is in the game then it’s okay because it was to be expected and we will be pleasantly surprised if a reference to him is in the game.

    • chief

      They basically said nothing. That’s the worst thing they could have done. It’s like saying “Oh, hey, we now what you’re saying, but we don’t really care so we’re putting this statement out there to get you to shut up”.

      • True Davad

        I actually agree with Temis that there response was a good one. They should not tell us in advance so it can be a surprise when we find one, but they don’t won’t us to think they are ignoring us.Statements like this won’t make the fans shut up as much as make them more excited. When Nintendo acknowledges Operation Moonfall, the fan response builds rather than going down. I think they would have noticed that it didn’t make it go away. And I don’t think it going away was there intention either.

  • DR

    Please no. Honoring this petition will just say that it is OK to commit suicide when life gets hard. This man, great as he was, did a selfish thing. Nintendo will not cave to pressure. I belive in Nintendo to make a moral stand.

    • Court

      No one is saying that it is ok to commit suicide. Robin Williams was sick and nothing anyone do could help him. I think he does deserve to be honored in anyway that we can. He was and will continue to be loved by many. Severe depression is an illness and yes he may have taken his own life but that doesn’t mean you should condem him.

    • asdfg

      This is a tribute to the great person he was, not to the way he chose to end his life.

    • Nick

      see i wouldve kinda been ok with what you said (except still disagreed) until you said the word moral stand, and then i got a little annoyed. morals are not something you can touch and they arent real, its disgusting when people talk about things “morally” because it means theyve most likely been brainwashed by someone at some point. companies who do things for morals are always going to be companies i dont want to buy from, morals are not in the hands of companies- or anyone really.

    • Loni

      He didn’t die from suicide, he died from depression. There’s a difference.

      • Troy Rose

        As someone with depression i would like to tell you he died from suicide not depression.
        What you said is the same thing as saying “he didnt die from puffer fish poison, he died from a hankering for some seafood.”
        And yes, the difference is depression is a state not an action.

        • Loni

          People die from cancer every day — except that they dont.

          The cause of their dead is often something totally different. They die from seizure/stroke/pneumonia/etc.

          We don’t need — or sometimes want — to know what exactly caused the death itself. Fact is, that they died from cancer, no matter what part of their body gave up first or couldn’t bear anymore with the therapy.

          It’s exactly the same in this case.

    • Trinosaur

      Depression is not a selfish disease. It’s a horrible mental battle that people suffer from. He died because he suffered long enough that it finally took his life. It’s no different from a battle with any other long term illness. Nintendo’s decision to include him as an NPC has jack to do with morals.

    • Viscen

      By honoring this petition, Nintendo would in NO way be condoning suicide. They would be honoring this great man’s LIFE. Not his death.

  • JoostinOnline

    I don’t believe that
    he should be made an NPC. He was a fan of the series, but that’s no
    reason to make someone part of the game. If it was, there would be
    millions (if not billions) of NPC’s named after fans.

    He will be
    remembered for his movies. If you want to honor someone, it should be
    related to what they did in life. Robin Williams certainly wasn’t short
    on accomplishments.

    Before anyone gets angry (like last time I
    posted something similar), I’m not undermining him or the terrible
    disorder he suffered from. I just believe that extending tributes to
    someone for being a fan is (forgive the expression) overkill.

    • Nick

      there have been npcs named after people before though…? i also feel like he worked for them and its a special case considering how many people liked him. i feel like his status as a fan is on a bit of a higher ground.

      • eByTech

        and he did name his daughter after the series, didn’t he also, as well as help promote things

        • JoostinOnline

          He named his daughter Zelda because he liked the name, not for the series.

          He did two paid ads for the series. I don’t know why the article says “several”.

      • JoostinOnline

        There was one NPC named after a person in LttP, and that was a contest winner.

        • Nick

          well i do know that this kind of move does amazing wonders for press and makes business sense anyhow. would most likely make headlines, and people liked the guy a lot, and now he is linked to the legend of zelda through those commercials anyhow. he has explicitly stated that he named the daughter after the game by the way??? and then his wife didnt let him name the next child.

          • JoostinOnline

            Then it would just be for PR reasons. His death shouldn’t be used as a PR stunt.

            I believe he said Zelda had just come out, and he loved the name.

          • Nick

            u honestly just sound like a devil’s advocate to me. im just recognizing the benefits, im not a director at nintendo so i cant “make it a pr stunt”. yr not gonna convince me that theres a good reason not to do this.

          • JoostinOnline

            If it’s done to make the press happy (as you suggested), that makes it a PR stunt. It’s disrespectful.

            If you aren’t open to the possibility that it’s not actually a good idea, then there wasn’t really any point in you responding. Personally, I’m not afraid to admit that I could be wrong about this (or anything else) and am always open to debate.

          • Nick


    • True Davad

      There are a lot of NPC’s based on fans. World of Warcraft has plenty hidden all over the game. They memorialize fans, passed away staff, and even one video game they canceled or postponed development indefinitely depending on who you talk too (Starcraft Ghost). I once read a page on all the references that are not part of quests or gameplay on either wowpedia or Wowwiki. Probably Wowpedia as I spend more time on it. I doubt World of Warcraft is the only game to do this. THey also have NPCs based on fans, I once did a quest that involved 3 different NPCs named after people on a particular forum with a note containing their backstories mentioning many more such names. And I don’t think anyone is requiring it to be a major NPC.

      • JoostinOnline

        Silly me. I thought we were talking about the Zelda series. 😛

        • True Davad

          Sorry, the way you wrote it made it sound to me like you were talking about video-game tributes in general.