Today sees the release of The Mysterious Murasame Castle on the US 3DS Virtual Console. Until this year, the game had not seen a release outside of Japan since its original launch on the Famicom Disk System in 1987.

So what does this have to do with Zelda? Well, if you look at the trailer below, you may notice a striking similarity to the original Legend of Zelda; particularly regarding the top-down perspective and overworld.

Murasame Castle uses the same engine as The Legend of Zelda, and shares a similar style of gameplay. It’s far from being a simple clone, however, with the action being much more fast-paced and having time limits in place. It was also developed and published by Nintendo themselves.

For those who have played Nintendo Land, you may recall the “Takamaru’s Ninja Castle” game. This was based on Murasame Castle. The game is also available on Europe’s Virtual Console, having hit the service a few months back. If you’re a retro Zelda fan, this may be well worth checking out.