Prima has been creating beautiful hardcover Zelda game guides for several years now, and Hyrule Warriors is receiving the same treatment. Featuring the same spectacular cover art as the game, the Hyrule Warriors guide book will include detailed maps and strategy guides, along with descriptions of the heroes, enemies, items and weapons.

Prima says that this guide will break the game down into all of its game modes and levels, providing strategies and tips so that players are armed with everything that they need to complete the game 100%. It also promises insight into the story of Hyrule Warriors within the hero and villain overview sections.

If all of that wasn’t enough to appeal to fans, Prima’s Hyrule Warriors guide also packs a bonus section featuring 70 pages of artwork along with interviews from the game’s development team. The bonus section makes this book a wonderful addition to any Zelda fan’s collection regardless of whether or not they are interested in the guide itself. It’s available for pre-order on Amazon now for $28.06 USD.