According to the latest tweet from the official Hyrule Warriors Twitter (via a translation from Bing), development on the upcoming Zelda spin-off is now complete.

This at least applies to the Japanese version of the game, which will release very soon on August 14. With this latest news, looks like we can rule out a delayed release. As for the rest of us, Hyrule Warriors will hit the US on September 26, Europe on September 19 and Austrailia on September 20.

  • Ryan Haney

    That doesn’t give Prima very long to write their book.
    I’m ready to read the instruction manual to see how Lana switches on the fly from plant magic to ice magic and to whatever kind of magic it is with those white cubes and barriers.

  • Billy Pariseau

    I thought it was Koei Tecmo?

  • Jelani Best

    Awesome, hopefully this means the focus will be taken off of this game and Aonuma will finally start spilling the beans on the new Zelda.