After the rather surprising announcement of Ruto being a playable character in Hyrule Warriors, we now get to see our first good look at her role in the game. Tecmo Koei released a bunch of screenshots as well as a new trailer featuring the Zora sage. In order to bring peace back to the Zoras’ caves, she teams up with the Gorons who give her a helping hand. When fighting against the evil that invaded her kingdom, she stands her ground pretty well!

She enters the stage just as she did in Ocarina of Time: being carried. Old habits die hard, I suppose. This time there’s no need to worry about her, however, as the trailer proves that she can certainly stand up for herself.

Ruto’s weapons are her fins, much like Mikau from Majoras Mask, and she has a variety of water-based moves to choose from. For example, she can turn the ground into water and jump from one waterhole to the next, causing the opposing army to decrease significantly. She can also summon different kinds of fish and shoot them just like darts toward her enemies. One of Ruto’s most powerful moves seems to be creating a giant water tornado.

You can check out screenshots of Ruto in action below, taken from the official Hyrule Warriors website.